Blood Or Sweat? Essay

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Every living thing becomes ill or injured at one point or another; it is an inevitable part of life that can and will not be changed. A group of individuals dedicated their lives to learning how to repair and restore the human body from its weakest to its strongest. Throughout the history of time, these people compiled their studies to help current future generations increase the knowledge of the care of the human body and create new techniques to improve treatment. Thousands of years ago it was impossible for a person to perform a rachioplasty (surgical repair of the spinal column or vertebrae), however, in the twenty first century doctors are able to go into a person’s body and fix the spine. Recently, other trained individuals are able to manipulate the spinal column without invasive surgery. Possessing the choice to now decide which treatment the patient can have done, more patient are asking which is better surgery or physical therapy. Three main factors that are looked at when considering surgery or physical therapy; the stress output on the body, how much will the treatment cost, and the effectiveness of the treatment.

When performing any kind of surgery on the human body it is important to note the stress the body undergoes. Typically, a spinal surgery will require the surgeon to create an incision, which is a small cut into the body, that allows the doctor access to the area needed (citation). This incision effectively damages the muscles causing the patient pain and limited movement for a certain amount of time depending on the type of surgery (citation). Manipulation of the spine through surgery usually makes a patient stay in a hospital for two to three days, during this time doctors and nurses will teach the recipient of the treatment how to walk, sit, lay, and get out of bed correctly so the spine does not get damaged while it mends (citation). Four to six weeks is the usual time for a younger patient to recover from the surgery while an older patient can expect four to six months for a full recover (citation). Recuperating from the treatment given often means not being able to perform or struggle with tasks that normally would be easily done. Menial tasks such as taking the milk out of a refrigerator are affected by the surgery. Some patients may be able to carry the weight and some may not even be able to lift it (citation). Job tasks that once were easy such as changing trash linings, would be near impossible to do. Driving will also be limited because most of the time the recipient of a spinal surgery will be forced to cease driving for around two to three weeks depending on how the incisions are healing (citation). Typically when spinal surgery has occurred therapy is needed.

“It can be thought of as alignment and balance for your body. If you buy new tires for your car, they won't last as long if they are not aligned and balanced and the new tires will be a waste of money. Your spine surgery is like new...

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