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Blood Out Blood In
Bram Stoker's Dracula incorporates blood in many ways, making it a big theme throughout the book. Blood is seen as very sacred and valuable to vampires, because it is their source of nutrition and it keeps their bodies immortal. The Holy Communion is similar to the way that Dracula uses blood since Dracula uses blood as a source of life. Dracula's form of acquiring blood is also seen as a sexual act that causes the purity of the one whose blood was being sucked, to be taken from them. The importance of your blood line can be seen through the many ways that everyone is treated in Dracula along with the class everyone was in. The importance of blood in Dracula can be seen through the many ways that blood is used throughout the book.
Blood to vampires is like water for humans, so they depend on bloodto keep everything in their world working. Their youthfulness is preserved through blood, as well as allowing them to keep their immortal body strong. ...view middle of the document...

His need for a forever working body, is like the need for eternal salvation for Christians. A substance is transformed into the "blood" of Christ for Holy Communion, but the blood that Dracula needs to survive is just taken directly from his victim, and he forms a spiritual bond with his victim allowing him to keep track of them. The spiritual bond that Dracula creates compares to some human's belief that a spiritual connection with Christ is made when they drink his "blood".

THere is a sexual aspect to the transfer of blood between anybody. When Lucy recieves bloo transfusions everyone who gave her blood feels a big connection with her. THis can be seen when everyone tries to save her from her ordeal with Dracula, and their determination to end the life of Dracula. When racula takes blood from the women it is seen as if he violated them and their purity has been taken from them, almost like he ruined a huge part of their lives.

THe blood of one's lineage is incredibly sacred in the eyes of dracula, in the sense that you should be proud to be of your blood. Dracula tells Jonathon about his pride in his blood when he says: “blood is too precious a thing in these days of dishonorable peace; and the -glories of the great races are as a tale that is told.” He also talks about his family history, which is actually his blood line. Dracula also foretells the coming of a war between lineages: between the East and the West, the ancient and the modern, and the evil and the good. The Social standing through someone's blood line is also important. Lucy marries the aristocrat from the three choices she had because his blood was aristocracy, which was upper-class. Keeping herself with someone whose blood was important and high in class kept her family name high in the ranks .

Blood is an immense part of Dracula, and the huge variety of ways in which blood is used thorughout the book allows the story proceed. The amazing job that Stoker did on detailing all of the scenes with blood in them allows us to draw conclusions as to how important blood is.

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