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Blood Pressure Lab Report

2497 words - 10 pages

Review Test Submission: Quiz Weeks 5-7Content



SP2704 Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology (A 2014/5 YEAR)


Quiz Weeks 5-7


10/11/14 20:39


10/11/14 20:57



Attempt Score

100 out of 200 points

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Select the best answer from the choices available.

Question 10 out of 10 points

When transitioning from a state of rest to moderate intensity exercise a number of changes occur except:

Selected Answer:

An increase in heart rate and stroke volume
An increase in heart rate and stroke volume
An increase in the extraction of O2 from the blood by the muscle
An increase in the sympathetic nervous activity that vasoconstricts vascular beds in non-active tissues

A decrease in mean arterial pressure
An increase in active muscle vascular conductance (flow/MAP)
There are no exception
Response Feedback:
Increases in HR, SV, active tissue vascular conductance, and vasoconstriction in the non-active tissues occurs during the transition from rest to moderate intensity exercise. Because HR and SV increase, so does cardiac output to a great extent and when combined with a small decrease in resistance to flow in some area of the body (gut, inactive tissue etc) the over result is that arterial blood pressure (MAP) will increase from rest.

Question 210 out of 10 points

Increased stroke volume occurs during exercise through________________________________________________________

Selected Answer:

an increased left ventricular contractility, increase venous return

an increased left ventricular contractility, increase venous return
an decreased left ventricular contractility, increase venous return
an increased left ventricular contractility, decreased venous return
none of these are correct
Response Feedback:
Well done

Question 30 out of 10 points

Blood contains a number of different parts and these include:

Selected Answer:

red blood cells, white blood cells
red blood cells, white blood cells, and serum
red blood cells, white blood cells
red blood cells and plasma

erythrocytes, leukocytes, plasma, platelets, proteins
Response Feedback:
red blood cells (erythrocytes) leukocytes (white blood cells), plasma, proteins, platelets and other substances make up blood.

Question 410 out of 10 points

VO2max is a measure of the maximal rate of energy that can be derived from oxidative phosphorylation when exercising and is determined using:

Selected Answer:

The Fick equation (cardiac output x a-vO2difference)

The Fick equation (cardiac output x a-vO2difference)
The Fick equation (cardiac output / a-vO2difference)
The Mark equation (arterial pressure X total peripheral resistance)
The Fick equation (blood flow x mean arterial pressure)
Response Feedback:
Nicely done.

Question 50 out of 10 points

Blood flow through a tissue is dependent...

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