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Blood Spatter Essay

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Ever since the Showtime series Dexter aired in 2006, blood spatter has become a well-known technique used in criminal cases. This method of investigation has been studied since the late 1890’s, but the first case that blood spatter analysis was used in wasn’t until 1954. Though blood spatter is an older method of solving crimes, it still plays an important role in finding a perpetrator.
For instance, one way that blood spatter aids in criminal investigations is that the forensic technicians can figure out what kind of weapon was used. When looking at a drop of blood, the forensic scientists can measure the diameter of the spatter. If the width is 4-6 millimeters, then it is considered low velocity and is from blood dropping due to gravity. An example of this could be blood dripping off of someone’s hand. Low velocity is caused by a force of five feet per second or less (Freeman). Medium velocity is 1-4 millimeters, and it is often associated with the victim being stabbed or beaten. This could mean that the weapon was anything hard enough to leave abrasions, lacerations, contusions or fractured bones. The force needed for this is anywhere between 5 and 100 feet per second (Freeman). When the spatter is less than 1 millimeter wide, then the forensic technicians can usually conclude that the weapon used was a gun or anything that has a force of 100 feet per second (Freeman). Knowing this information can help the detectives see the ‘signature’ of the crime, or it can help identify whether they are dealing with a repeat offender.
Once the forensic scientists figure out the type of weapon used, they can then begin to find the point of origin. Whether or not the perpetrator is aware of it or not, the patterns made by blood give away their physical attributes. There are three types of spatter that the forensic technician needs to be aware of. First off, there is transfer spatter. That is whenever someone comes into contact with the blood, and then they carry it somewhere else. Depending on what kind of transfer there is, it can reveal the size or make of their shoes or the size of the perpetrators hands. Knowing this information can narrow down the suspect pool significantly. The second kind of spatter is cast off. This happens when someone is stabbed, and the bloody knife is swung in the air. It creates a trail of DNA on the ceiling and...

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