Blood, Sweat And Tears Essay

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It was an idyllic getaway for Christmas, a beachfront resort in Indonesia, shining lights wandering into the inky sky; moon replicated in the glittering sea, brightly painted fish streaming through the clear current. That’s the perfect Christmas; collect with friends and family celebrating the divine event. Christmas was arriving soon henceforth Jack decided to experience a thrilling trip of his lifetime with his gorgeous wife and his two lively children in Indonesia. As the family strode out of the hot, suffocating plane into the dazzling sunlight, beaming down across the hot roadway, Jack felt nervous and excited. Holding his beach bag in his hand and sunglasses on with his other, the ...view middle of the document...

Jack was filled with joy when he and his son were playing in the swimming pool, while the older son was getting his gift for Christmas. Meanwhile Jack’s wife, Ayesha, was relaxing and reading a novel on the corner of the swimming pool. At first it seemed to be the perfect Christmas break but a rumbling noise began. In seemingly slow motion Jack and the boys watched Ayesha’s face change into expressions of curiosity, confusion, fear, and then sudden horror as massive palm trees were toppled beyond the resort building in the distance. The ground shook fiercely. A massive, deep grey and brown wave appeared and quickly engulfed the resort’s buildings, and the older son, Josh, standing by the pool with his toy dived into the pool as the tsunami hit and Ayesha braced herself for impact against a metal railing.
It was over! The family’s holiday of a lifetime turned into a disastrous event and they thought they would never see each other again. The family was swept away by a ferocious 30ft wall of water that devoured everything in its path. The chaos of the churning water and debris engulfed Ayesha; she tried to regain her consciousness and was thrown without mercy against object after object in the cruel waters. The raging water circling her path, clashing violently with itself as it also receded, pulling debris and dragging it out to sea. Nearby she saw bodies, fallen trees and utility poles and then the cry of her oldest son, Josh raising above all the noises around her. He too is being swallowed by the churning sea. Ayesha and Josh were struggling in an epic battle against the water to reach one another. There they secured themselves to a fallen palm tree trunk and to one another, holding on against the sea’s pull. Once the current receded, Ayesha and Josh climbed their way out to higher ground, slowly and painfully despite grave injuries. Ayesha’s leg was badly torn open; a gaping wound exposed the back of her thigh and was bleeding profusely. She also had sustained puncture wounds to her chest. The only object in their minds was survival and to look for their long lost family.
In the far distance, Ayesha and Josh heard the voice of a young boy in the distance screaming for help. "Daddy, Mommy!" he cried. “Josh, you heard that?” said Ayesha. “Yes, but we don’t have time, we must get out of here plus your leg is severely injured” whispered Josh. “Imagine if that boy was your brother, wouldn’t you risk anything to help him?” asked Ayesha. “My brother is dead!” yelled Josh. “We have to save him Josh. This will be the last thing that we can do together. “We have to save him” shouted Ayesha. After the long discussion, Ayesha and Josh went on a quest to search for the lost boy. From the far distance Josh witnessed a hand in the air. The small boy was clustered between trees and several objects. Ayesha and Josh hurried towards the boy. Josh swept him up into his arms and they scurried their way through the debris. Josh worried about his severely...

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