Blood Done Sign My Name By Tim Tyson

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With personal inventory and painstaking detail, Tim Tyson awakens readers with the passionate authenticity of a memoir and the provocative insight of an editorialized historical narrative in Blood Done Sign My Name. Tyson unmasks the manufactured summary of Civil Rights that solely embraces nonviolence, government action, and human freedom but mitigates defensive violence and the imbedded hatred of oppression. Instead, reality is replaced with consolation in this factual yet explorative summary. Tyson probes the ability of Americans to reconsider their simplified and confined views of not only the era but also the mentality that produced it. He invites readers to cast off the distorting blinders and confront the past as it sincerely was, in order to surpass the faults and anguishes still inhabiting America today. Unveiled, the Civil rights movement can bee seen as more of a “revolution" than a “movement.” Although vastly different in time, exact explanations, methods, and so forth, like the French Revolution, Haitian Revolution, and American Revolution, violence was demanded to overthrow a suffocating environment of cultural imperialism. “Unjust social orders do not fall merely by appeals to the consciences of the oppressor... they fall because a large enough number of people organize a movement powerful enough to push them down” (317). In this powerful coming of age story, America is able to garner maturity and initiate progress enabling it to shake off the imprudence of its past, only through addressing the tender inner turmoil of violence, confession, and restoration.
“What the white business community did, excluding backs from employment and stigmatizing them with segregation, was a different kind of racial violence. And violence begat violence” (201,202). Tyson examine this fact by asking us to stretch our rigid idea of violence and recognize it in its other forms. The debauchery of the white community directly caused poverty, a lack of vital educational resources, inadequate municipal services, and voluminous destructive consequences. De facto segregation, economic inequality, employment discrimination, and racial bigotry blossomed into intoxicating frustration (Brinkley). Within their isolated and unequal communities, African Americans and whites seemed to dwell in two distinctive civilizations; “well over half of American nonwhites lived in poverty… and black unemployment was twice that of whites” (Brinkley). The National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, established by President Johnson, recommended expenditure and mass effort to alleviate the disturbing conditions of ghettos, stating, “Only commitment to national action on an unprecedented scale can shape a future compatible with the historic ideals of American society.” The use of forceful action against the tobacco warehouses in Oxford to produce financial ramifications is, essentially, comparable to the use of economic sanctions within the international system. Both...

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1685 words - 7 pages Henry Marrow. Michael Gaynor, n.d. Web. 30 Apr. 2014. 3) "Book Study "Blood Done Sign My Name"" : Chapter 9. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Apr. 2014. 4) "Mahatma Gandhi." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 28 Apr. 2014. Web. 28 Apr. 2014. 5) "Salt March." Http:// History Channel, n.d. Web. 6) Tyson, Timothy B. Blood Done Sign My Name. New York: Three Rivers, 2004. Print.

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