Bloody Sundays Lead To Bloody Years

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Since the beginning of time, there have been incidences where people or countries have been owned or dictated by another country or group of people. At times this governing by different countries can lead to times of peace and an opportunity for both sides to benefit. But sadly, more often than not, this exchange of power is not done in an agreeable manner; but rather in a way that includes a malicious and most often unnecessary show of might. This show of strength is usually done with the help of the military under false or misguided judgment generally based on greed, the need for control, and religion. An example of this can be seen in the long and nasty history between that of Ireland and Britain; a history that is known to have begun as early as the 1300’s when Ireland is officially completely under the rule of Britain, (“Timeline-Northern Ireland-the Troubles”). Although there are many horrible occasions between Ireland and Britain, there is one event that still to this day has the ability to cause people to think about how the use of force and brutality is not the way to go about things, that there must be some sort of leeway for understanding, whether it is between a group of people or that of countries as a whole. This occasion is what is known as “Bloody Sunday.” A day that was supposed to be remembered as a day of peace and a hopefully a step toward change, but instead became a day that would be known for its evil; an evil that involved the death of innocent parade goers under the hands of the British military.
After many years of turmoil and struggle under the heavy hand of the British government, on December 21 of 1948, under the Republic of Ireland Act, all but six counties in Northern Ireland are finally able to gain independence, (“Timeline-Northern Ireland-the Troubles”). Those that are left are forced to continue suffering the unfair treatment of what is now the United Kingdom for the next twenty years, leaving them angry and anxious to find a solution. This unfair treatment leads the people of Northern Ireland to form their very own civil rights movement, like that of which is going on in the United States. But instead of fighting the strain against the color of their skin, the people of Northern Ireland are fighting for their religion and the equal rights that should go along with it. Instead they are refused rights and blamed for any wrong doings due to their catholic religion, causing them to become livid at the people of the United Kingdom who live under the teachings of the protestant faith. With this anger the Irish begin to form marches and parades that most often quickly turn into riots. Because of these seemingly frequent riotous parades, the United Kingdom feels it must do something to protect the British people; therefore sending British troops to the Irish town by the name of Derry, (“2)How Did the “Troubles” Start in Northern Ireland?”). Here the British military is forced to create barricades to...

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