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by Ian Jobe These days the words cocaine and Hollywood seem to be synonymous. Everyone from Robert Downey Jr. to Kelsey Grammar has fallen prey to this nose candy. The devestating effects of a rich man's drug seems to be known, but does anyone know how cocaine made its way to Hollywood.In Blow, Johnny Depp plays George Jung, the man who made more than 60 million dollars bringing cocaine to the households of movie stars and musicians alike. Director Ted Demme does an excellent job of taking us through Jung's life. We see Jung from the time he first learned how to skate to the day he goes to the hospital to see his daughter's birth, just before collapsing from a drug overdose. Being taken through both personal and illegal moments in Jung's life, we slowly watch a young boy become the biggest drug dealer in the world.Starting off his crime wave in California, Jung sells pot along the beaches of Santa Monica with help from his friend, played by Paul Ruebens. This character's name is Derek Foreal and opens the first male hair salons in California then uses his business as a front throughout the movie. Ruebens, who hasn't been in much since Pee-Wee's Funhouse, is finally allowed to show that he's more than a goofy guy with an always funny "word of the day." His character always has a sunny disposition about him, providing the scenes that he's in with a little comic relief.During Jung's little stint with pot, he is caught by the police and put in jail for two years. In jail, Jung meets Diego Delgado (played by Jordi Molla) who introduces Jung to the world of cocaine. "I went in with a bachelor's in marijuana and came out with a doctorate in coke," says Jung, describing the things Delgado teaches him in prison. When the two men get out, Molla introduces Jung to Pablo Escobar. "For those of you living under a rock for the last twenty years, Pablo Escobar ruled the Central American drug cartel," said Jung, who narrarates the movie.Immediately, Jung becomes the main distributor of cocaine in the U.S. in the 70's. "If you got hooked on cocaine in the late 70's or early 80's, there is an 85% chance that I sold it to you," says Jung. Making millions in just weeks, Jung becomes an...

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