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In a famous TV show which is broadcasted in Korea, for some people questions were thrown by one particular scene. A man was walking with pink shopping bags then his male friend sarcastically mocked him with it saying do not being a girl. Some might see this scene with no problem but some may ask themselves why a man should be ridiculed for bringing pink bags? According to several studies conducted by corporations and sociologists, clearly the notion of blue color for boys and red color for girls exists. Although women and men like blue-type colors (blue, green, purple and etc), most women are more preferences to red-type colors (red, pink, yellow and etc). Some neuroscientists argue that this norm of gender colors is because of biological differences between sexes. Back in prehistoric days, people wanted clear skies for good weather. Therefore they started to have a tendency of preferring blue colors and that tendency had been passed through generations. For explaining why women like red-type colors, neuroscientists claim that women worked as 'gatherer' in ancient times so that they had to be sensitive to red which is the color of ripe fruits. Though this evolutionary explanation seems plausible, it misses the major parts for explaining the norm of gender colors, socialization. As one individual grows in a society, he or she are constantly socialized in many ways. The norm of gender differences in color preferences socially affects individuals through three of their life time stages of infancy, adolescence, and adult.
Once an individual born, they immediately started to learn to prefer certain color through their early childhood. The Parents usually the first reason of acquiring a certain norm about color preferences according to genders. When parents buy apparels for their children, they choose certain colors for their clothes. Mostly, they choose blue color garments for boys and red color garments for girls. As a result even a newborn realizes what color is, they are unconsciously socialized to like certain colors. If some parents do not socialize their children
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with the norm of color preferences, TV can replace their parts for teaching the norm. For example, one of the most famous TV shows for kids is Teletubbies which was broadcasted on BBC and brought in Korea in 1998. In this show, there are four main characters and two of them are men and the others are women. Male characters are wearing Purple and Green clothes and female characters are wearing Yellow and Pink but there are no other differences in their appearances. By dividing genders only by colors, it teaches children that it is natural for colors represent genders. Finally, marketing strategies affect babies to prefer a certain color. After the Second World War ended, mass marketing was appearing and it makes people think being gender normal is important. Modern convention of pink-for-girls-blue-for-boys started to dominate. "If retailers can...

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