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In the documentary "Blue Gold: World Water Wars", the film makers discuss the element of water shortage and how water is increasingly becoming privatized by large multi-national corporations (MNC). The intent of the film is to allow the audience to appreciate the importance of water and to raise awareness to two important issues: environmental issues and private interests surrounding the water sector, with the latter being the main argument (theme) of the documentary.

In my opinion, the film is very persuasive. The film makers efficiently use a variety of visual aids, historical case studies, expert testimonies, and statistics to convey their points. Using statistics like "95% of the world needs water to survive", and pictures of sick patients arising from unclean water, the intent is to immediately point out to the audience that water is indeed regarded as the single most essential ingredient for living species. The film also has a clear structure, with different sub-categories flowing smoothly from one to another. Beginning with a general introduction of water, and the "water cycle", the film makers then jump into environmental issues, and the current environmental challenges water faces with the rise of industry, finally developing into the main argument of privatization and capitalistic interests of corporations surrounding the water sector. In presenting their environmental issues, I believe the film makers efficiently presented their arguments by making good use of "causal- effect" examples. For instance, when discussing global warming and its effects on water sources, the film makers first present the facts that global warming causes a shortage of water for plants, followed by an effect to strengthen the piece of fact they just presented; the shortage of oxygen. In using many examples like these, I believe the audience can take away with them a deep appreciation of water, and the amount of damage the human population is causing upon the water cycle.

While I believe that the film makers did a great job in raising awareness to the various environmental issues surrounding water, I find that their attempt to raise awareness of water privatization and their critique of corporations to be weak. In my opinion, one of the first flaws in their argument is that the film makers fail to discuss opposing perspectives and points of views to allow the audience to think and carefully evaluate the evidence for themselves. In criticizing multi-national corporations (MNC)...

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