Blue Jays Winning Two World Series In A Row

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It is yet another thing for Canada to be proud of. A moment where it brings Canada all together to appreciate this occasion, indeed it increased Canada’s unity and it is a great aspect of Canadian sport history. It also awards Toronto Blue Jays and Canadian baseball fans what they have been waiting for, a World Series won by a Canadian team. The Blue Jays two win-streak in the World Series characterizes Canadian baseball. The Toronto Blue Jays won their first World Series in 1992 against the Atlanta Braves 4-2 and went on to retain their title in 1993 against the Philadelphia Phillies with 4-2 record. The following essay will state the facts and statistics on the Blue Jays’ two Series, how it affected Canada in a positive manner within the country and how Canada was affected outside the country. It will explain the pros and cons of the two championship titles won by the Blue Jays.
In 1993, the Toronto Blue Jays went to the World Series as the American League Champion against the National League Champion the Atlanta Braves, the Series opened in Atlanta where Toronto lost their game one of the Series 3-1, faith was not lost as the Jays went on and win the next three games 5-4, 3-2, 2-1. By this time, the fans had real high faith, and even though the Braves dominated the fifth game 7-2, if the Blue Jays win one more the title is theirs, and so it was when the Jays won the sixth game 4-3 winning the 1992 World Series. Canadian Baseball had never been so successful before. When the 1993 season comes, the Blue Jays once again end up first place in their division with a 96-67 record and won all the playoffs games to advance to the World Series for a second time in a row against the National League Champions the Philadelphia Phillies. The series was opened at the Sky Dome at Toronto where the Jays beat the Phillies 8-5; afterwards the Phillies went to tie the Series 1-1 when they beat the Jays 6-4 on the second game. Toronto won the next two games 10-3 and 15-14. With another win by the
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Phillies on the fifth game 2-0, the Jays had to win one game to win, and they proved themselves on the last game where they defeated the Phillies 8-6 retaining their title for a second year. The Blue Jays have not won another World Series after.
These two achievements by the Blue Jays united Canada, notably Canadian baseball fans together, when the Jays won the first Series in 1992, it gave spark into increasing baseball popularity within Canada, it definitely attracted Canadian patriots that did not follow baseball before but are passionate about Canadian culture, undeniably they will be interested in what the only Canadian team has achieved in the World Series. As for baseball fans, they have been awarded with what they have been cheering and supporting for a long time, and instead hesitating if they like their team if the Jays were a losing team, this kept the fans faithful and kept the stadium loud for the rivals. The first Series won...

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