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Blue Man Group Essay

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The off the wall antics and odd, but entertaining music style of the Blue Man Group has brought them to be one of the most popular and successful theater groups in the world today.

     The Blue Man Group came into play in 1987. Creators Matt Goldman, a software producer, Chris Wink, and Phil Stanton, both working as waiters, say the Blue Man Group started as a weekend get together in which they would invite their friends over and talk about art, science, and whatever else interested them. The three saw their home city of New York to be a cultural wasteland. “We heard about this art world thing happening, but you’d go and look, and it was like you were always in the wrong gallery or something. We wanted to shake things up a little bit,” said Wink in an interview with People Magazine. The trio came up with the idea that it would be surprising for people to turn the corner and find themselves staring in the face of a blue man. Initially the group was not getting the reactions they were hoping for, but that would soon change(Blue Man Library, People 92, 2).
     The group performed regularly in Central Park and in the Wooster Group’s Performing Garage. In 1991, the group premiered their first full show,”Tubes,” at the La MaMa Experimental Theater Club located in New York’s lower East Side. The theater, founded in 1961, had a mission to “develop, support, produce, and present works of any artist”(Laurell). “Tubes” showed many aspects of a theater production, a concert, and a sketch comedy. Blue Man Group caught their first big break in 1991 when they won an OBIE Award, Off-Broadway theater’s highest honor. “That was wild” commented Goldman when he and his colleagues were interviewed by People Magazine in 1992. “We didn’t write pieces about having stuff spurt out of your chest thinking mass appeal. The first time I saw an actual upright adult see that and not leave the theater, I was really surprised.” That year, the Blue Man Group finally moved into their permanent base of operations. The Astor Place Theater became the Blue Man Group’s new home. They performed their hit show eleven times a week to a packed house virtually every night (Blue Man Library, People 92, 3).

     The Blue Man Group is described on their official website as being “a creative organization dedicated to creating exciting and innovative work in a wide variety of mediums” (Mulford a). To fully understand the Blue Man Group, one must come to understand the Blue Man himself. The character is dressed in all black and painted a special shade of blue created exclusively for the group but, this is only a very small part of the true Blue Man. The character is very complex. He is part philosopher, part clown, and part teacher. The three blue men take the audience through a journey of complex ideas, concepts, and contradictions of life. One finds out...

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