Blue Mountain Company And The Security Guard.

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I feel that the security guard took the right action. However, I do feel that he should have asked his co-workers and whomever else who agreed with him to help stand behind him throughout his situation. I feel that two voices are better than one and it seems as though your voice is louder with another voice speaking the same words, so to speak. Even though Tuff discussed the company policy with several other concerned security guards, he should have made sure he had written complaints from all of them. Tuff's downfall in this case was his lack of written documentation. I agree with Tuff's viewpoint and his concern, I believe he should have handled the situation in a more professional way. When situations such as this arise, you must have many written complaints and plenty of documentation for other's to view. Perhaps, when Tuff took his case to the National Labor Relations Board he may have had a better chance at success if he only had complaint after complaint filed. The NLRB may have been able to see that the Blue Mountain Company had numerous times to change their company policy to ensure safety within the public thus this situation was a case of pure negligence.From my understanding of the story Tuff explained that fourteen months after he joined the company, Blue Mountain issued new rules of procedure that required the security officers "to order and escort intoxicated persons, including persons driving under the influence of alcohol, off its parking lots and onto public roads." With this in thought, Tuff also knew that his license could be revoked or suspended for any failure to report illegal behavior such as drunk driving and selling narcotics. He had also sworn to uphold these regulation's at the end of his training and later signed a statement acknowledging that he knew a police officer could ask for his badge if a conflict should arise. With all of this being said, what was he to do? Which set of rules did Blue Mountain want him to follow? This put an employee of Blue Mountain in a very awkward and unjust position. This was very confusing and unfair to Tuff. By reporting his concern to his supervisor, he did exactly what was asked of him. He explained to his supervisor that drunk driving was occurring and Manuel Hernandez, Director of Security, chose to do absolutely nothing about it. The only thing he did was encourage the unjustly order of operations and threaten one of his employees with their paycheck. Who is at fault here? Has the Blue Mountain Company and the NLRB forgotten what the definition of ethics is? I strongly believe so.The way I would have handled the situation would be first; bring this concern to my supervisor, which is what Tuff did. Second, after I saw that my supervisor was obviously not going to do anything about my concern I would have filed a written complaint about him. This would have been a grievance filed against the Director. Third, I would have then gone to whoever was in charge of Manuel Hernandez. I...

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