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Blue Night Essay

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It was Saint Patrick's Day. Around 12:00 at night. Nathan, a 16 year old, who was chilling at a friends house with his brother Ruben and their great friend Trevor. Ruben, at 19 years old, was still a youngster at heart. He was extremely friendly and social. But, if you happened to rub him the wrong way, then in no time, you'll be on your ass with a broken nose. If your lucky, only that. Trevor was the middle aged one of the bunch. He spent most of his time if not all with these two. At only 18 years old, he was to young to die. They were all the best of friends and had known each other for what seems forever. Even though only Nathan and Ruben were brothers, in their eyes, Trevor was a brother too. They had a bond not to be broken.They had been drinking that night. All of them had slammed down a couple beers. They were sitting on the couch talking, rekindling old times, laughing, joking, and being what great friends should be. Their night consisted of just drinking with old and new friends. It was the same way every year, drink a little, have a good time, then walk home. They all knew for a fact that they had had enough to drink. It was Ruben who decided that it was time to split for the night. Nathan decided to stay a little longer and talk with some new friends. Trevor, having had to many drinks not knowing where to go or what to do, just decided to go and crash with Ruben at his house.The moon was a bright gray and the stars where in such an array and clutter in blue sky. It was a relaxfull night; the air was fresh and cool. Everything was visible to the naked eye from the moons glare. Both Ruben and Trevor were anxious to get home; and were extremely tired, so they contemplated on going the short way home. They had only taken the short way one or two times before and rather than taking the side streets, the railroad tracks were much shorter. They haven't known of any trains coming down these tracks, at least during the night, but there was something different about that night.They both could sense it. It wasn't in the air, or written on anything. It was just a gut feeling they both had. But when you've had to many drinks, gut feelings are just like honey molding. It just never happens. It was silent except for the frogs crooking and the wind blowing. Ruben tried to start a conversation but had a hard time not tripping over the rail road ties, so he decided it was better just to concentrate on walking. Trevor, haven been drinking for longer than Ruben, had more practice at double tasking while faded. So he started talking. But every sound that came out of his mouth was in mumble form, so he shut up too.They both...

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