Blue Ridge Mountain. A Story Of A Visit.

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LANCASTER / PENNSYLVANIAThis morning Darian, Danny, Laura, and I were bored so we decided that we would all go on a hike at Blue Ridge Mountain. All of us went home, got our hiking equipment, and packed a lunch. We then met at my house. I drove all of us up to Blue Ridge Mountain. We got there in a half hour it was around 10:30 AM. It was probably one of the most beautiful days we had all year, it was around seventy to seventy five degrees and there was barely any humidity. Even though we have all four seasons and varied amounts of precipitation throughout the year it felt like it was either a scorching humid summer day or it was a freezing snowy winter day. It felt like we only had two seasons all year either summer or winter. When we stepped out of the car we could see and hear birds singing. We could also smell, hear, and see the beautiful trees swaying in the gentle breeze.Pictures of a robin and a cardinal that we saw while stepping out of the car. We all got our gear out of the car and walked over to the trails. We had to decide what trail to take. We had three choices the first trail was half a mile long, the second trail was two miles long, and the third trail was four miles long. Since it was such a beautiful day we all decided to take the third trail that was four miles long. We started hiking around 11:00 AM. While we were hiking we heard wings flapping, we all turned and saw a robin fly towards the ground, pick up a worm, and feed it to her babies. Everyone thought that it was cute. After, we watched the robin for a while we continued hiking until 12:30 PM. Everyone was hungry so we decided to find a spot to eat our lunches. We found a perfect spot, it had a great view, a patch of beautiful dandelions, and a big beautiful maple tree to sit under.A picture of the great view we had during lunch.A picture of one of the many dandelions that were in the patch that we were sitting next to during lunch.A picture of the maple tree we sat under while eating lunch. We all sat down on the big blanket that we had brought along and ate our lunches. Laura went over and picked a dandelion and smelled it. We talked for a while and admired how big and beautiful the Blue Ridge Mountain was. We finished having lunch around 1:30 PM. We then started hiking again. As we were hiking we heard a splashing noise, we could not really identify what it was. We walked toward the noise and encountered some ruff terrain. We finally found what we have...

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