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Blue Spider Essay

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“Honesty is the most single most important factor having a direct bearing on the final success of an individual, corporation, or product” (Ed Mcmahon). Parks corporation didn't obtain this characteristic of honesty, as well as other traits. They lacked many characteristics; ethics, proper behavior, and communication. All of these played a direct role within their failing of the blue spider project, and managing a successful company.

Ethics played a role within the corporations behavior. While parks corporation was trying to win the proposal, they participated in some unethical decisions. Foremost, the company didn’t tell the buyer about an issue with the products functionality . The company knew if they told Lord about the technical issue , they would lose the contract. The company justified their decision by trying to fix the issue later in the project. The lack of following rules and being ethical was an egregious decision on part of the ...view middle of the document...

The company fundamentally needed to sit down, and write specific guidelines to follow. Without this formal setup, the corporation was doomed from the very start. This would have allowed the company to be successful in its approach, and have a better success rate. Without this project management methodology, it was lacking the basic component that is imperative for successful project management.

The corporation lacked nearly all of the essential areas of project management ; time management, resource management, procurement management, integration management, cost management, risk management, communications management, and quality management.The nine areas of project management,characteristically define successful execution methods.Without the accurate use of these practices , correct budgeting, and analyzing risk, it becomes more difficult to execute a successful project.

During the project, parks corporation had insufficient communication with Lord. The company didn't communicate about the project, nor followed due dates. The project team often postponed meetings, due to their inability to finish work. This behavior predominately contributed to the issues. The inability to finish projects gave the company a distrust with them, and was a contributor in the dismissal of Gary as project manager.

A plethora of issues occurred for Gary. He not only went over budget, but also allocated most of his time to administrative paperwork. He often found himself doing paperwork that documented the projects development. Gary ultimately lacked the skill of allocating the essential time needed for R&D. The result of not allocating his time wisely, was a result in working overtime, dissatisfying Lord Corporation, and the project not going as planned. He needed to have a balance between R&D and Paperwork.This would have helped in meeting project deadlines, and being considered a good project manager.

Throughout the project, it lacked many crucial roles that successful project management obtains. From the beginning, the company had insufficiency in good communication, operational processes, and the defining of relationships.This lack of responsibility, directly presented conflict among success as project personnel, and trying to complete Blue Spider.

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