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Blueprint For My Career Essay

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Secondly, an additional career choice of mine would be a multimedia artist/animator. A multimedia artist/animator utilizes computer functions and research to create graphics and effects. This type of work, usually performed in teams, includes collectively developing storyboards, receiving feedback, and performing edits. Multimedia artists/animators focus mainly on movies and video games. The job task is to create animation, many with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). Furthermore, they are also responsible for the characters themselves, as well as the scenery and background design. I chose this career because I enjoy collaborating on ideas with others. I also enjoy working with various ...view middle of the document...

The physical requirement for this job is being able to cope with the working environment, which is more difficult when in a large office. Multimedia artists/animators also need to have job dedication. They must be team players who are able to work well under pressure.
Incidentally, the job outlook, while not terrible, is not great either. It is entirely true that the movie/video game industry is constantly trying to improve. Consumers are endlessly trying to go “bigger and better.” New and exhilarating characters, worlds, scenarios, stories, and above all, graphics are always in popular demand (“Ferguson”). The problem with this is that recently, much of this industry has moved overseas, with Japan largely leading the helm. So what does this mean? In order to land a successful multimedia artist/animator career in the United States, an individual must not only be blessed with skills and knowledge, but also be able to create exceptionally original and exciting concepts. As of 2012, there were approximately 68,900 multimedia artists/animators in the United States. It is predicted that there will be 73,200 openings in 2022 (“Summary”).
Unlike my previous career choice, only a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, computer graphics, animation, or a similar field is required. Subsequently, a degree in painting, drawing, sculpture, animation and/or film may also help. As always, more education means a greater chance of employment. Average salary for multimedia artist/animator (collectively) is slightly lower than that of a physical therapist, coming in at $61,370 per year, with an average wage of $29.50 per hour. However, many different branches of this career exist, each with a different salary range. They include: Motion picture/video-$72,680, software publishers-$63,310, advertising/services-$60,220, and computer systems designers-$58,950 (“Multimedia artists/animators”).
An optional choice in this career field would be a graphic designer. With an almost identical job description, graphic designers focus more on websites rather than movies/video games in order to attract customers through visual appearance. The same education, skill, and workplace requirements exist. The job outlook growth rate is increasing somewhat faster than careers in multimedia art/animation possibly due to the fact that graphic designer goals are based more on direct customer demand, rather than the demands of society as a whole. As a result, this produces two drawbacks to this career: Less freedom of choice and approximately $20,000 less in annual salary (“Summary”).
Thirdly, my final career choice, a college theology professor, was the most challenging to research. Basically, a theology professor is someone who teaches religion or theology to others through a combination of teaching and research. This career is referred to by some as a professor of philosophy, professor of Biblical studies, or a professor of church. One can be labeled...

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