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Blue Suit Mom.Com Was It Immoral For Mary Bailey To Represent Her Company As She Did?

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Mary Bailey had been in business more than 20 years before dreaming up and executing the idea of creating a website ( that would provide information to help female professionals juggle their busy lives. Based on her experience in business, she made a decision to misrepresent her company and make it larger than what it actually was to attract sponsors and customers for her start-up business. Her decision to misrepresent her company was a calculated move that could have backfired. Was it an immoral decision? Yes it was. She wanted to build a business quickly instead of the slower path start-up small businesses typically go through.I intend to prove my point by analyzing her actions with two moral decision-making theories: The Utilitarian and The Deontological. This paper will provide facts and opinions from several different reports and write-ups from subject matter experts, news reports, papers, and other documents, along with facts and opinions based on my personal experience in the sales arena. I looked at the issue in question more toward the moral perspective versus a business was launched on Mother's Day 2000. Soon after, they began to receive e-mails from executives thanking them for the useful articles on their site, phone calls from companies who wanted their help creating programs for working mothers, and headlines praising their content. In less than a month, appeared on the pages of The Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald, Denver Post, The Chicago Tribune, and national magazines like Self, Smart Money Magazine and many other national and regional publications. All of these positive experiences fueled their motivation for serving executive working mothers and the companies who employ them.As of today, the company is a success and many have benefited from the services provided by, therefore according to the Utilitarianism theory, Ms Bailey's decision to misrepresent her company was correct. There's only one catch, Utilitarianism is based on long term results and in my opinion, three years is hardly a long term. Unless Ms Bailey is caught in another unethical situation that directly harms the customers or sponsors, she might get away with it and be vindicated by this theory in the future. On the other hand, there are several ways where the company, her clients, co-workers, sponsors, society and even other businesses like hers could have been hurt.Many sponsors and customers made their decision to go with because it appeared to be larger, therefore more established, when in fact it was not. What would have happened if someone had tried to verify the company's credentials? How far would she have gone to hide the truth? Also, if she's willing to do this kind of misrepresentation in a critical decision point in time, to attract fast business, where will she draw the line? Her personal credibility, her business credibility and that of her...

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