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Blunders Of College Freshmen Essay

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Most college freshmen have never been away from home and on their own for an extended period of time. A college campus can be a breeding ground for intrigue to college freshmen. It is a proven fact that only a fraction of enterting freshmen ever reaches their sophomore year of college. Freshmen crash land into the college realm, and it is safe to say that there are a multitude of blunders in store for college freshman. Suddenly college freshmen are thrown into a murky abyss of roommate wars, rigourous classes and peer presure.No roommate is perfect. At times it may seem that you are taking a crash course in Toleration 101. Keeping in mind that roommates may not be in love with each other's company, most freshmen choose a friend from high school, which is attending the same college to be their roommate. This could be a positive experience as well as a negative one. Freshmen may find that the friend of choice wasn't exactly heaven sent. There may be hidden hygiene problems, and other rooming disagreements. Friends, you can't live with and you can't live without them. Friends can make excellent roommates, but at the same time things don't go always as planned. Your roommate request may become lost in the mass of other requests and residence life throws you in a dorm with a completely inconsiderate, obnoxious, low maintenance roommate from hell. At times it seems that they are not even remotely interested in the things that you are. At the most the only thing you have in common is that you two wore diapers when you were babies. Roommates always seem to bring unwanted guest at unwanted times, for example, while sleeping or studying. Roommates should be leery of everyone that tromps through your ten by twelve piece of heaven. Unwanted guests cannot be trusted, and will intrude into your belongings if given the opportunity. Late night inventory checks will hecome a nuisance after a while. To avoid these problems come up with some mutual dorm room rules for each roommate to follow.After freshmen have signed up for six-teen or more semester hours, they will wish that they only...

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