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Q2. Choose an acquisition/merger which has featured prominently in the business press.a) Critically assess the motives behind the making of the deal. You should consider the different levels of analysis and specifically address the question of how the deal contributed to the creating and/or sustaining of competitive advantage.Question A"To be the most successful premium manufacturer in the industry." BMW's mission statement states. BMW has two key objectives for its lifestyle business: brand support, and a positive contribution to the company's overall financial goals. In 1994 the firm decided that it wanted to take their mission and objectives into the future. A merger was the outcome of this choice. The £800 million BMW merger with Rover took place in secrecy in 1994. The hope was to achieve economies of scale, break into the US sports car market, increase over all market share, emerge into new smaller and lower budget car markets and decrease production costs. The motives were created from different levels of the firm and were a matter of careful strategic situation and strategic choice analysis.BMW already held strong competitive advantage within the automobile industry. BMW are known for their automobiles at the top end of the car market. They tend to cater for the more luxurious buyer with cars such as the BMW 8 series. They are profitable from niche marketing.The strong brand image makes BMW an exception from being a search good.Consumers spend a lot of time searching for the right car at the right price. They have the power to easily verify the price of the product at other outlets and make sure that the products are comparable. However, BMW escapes this as had built up a robust reputation.Barriers to entry also helped BMW to keep the competitive advantage. The high start up costs in the automobile industry, make it very hard for new entrants to enter the market. If a new entrant were to compete with BMW they would have especially high start up costs due to the expensive nature of the products that BMW produce.These strengths helped to hold BMW in a good market position, but there were aspects of the market which were threatening to take away their market share and their competitive advantage.At the time of the takeover there was a global economic slowdown. The economic slowdown had an affect on consumer spending patterns and so fewer automobiles were being purchased throughout the globe. Consumers were tending to buy smaller cheaper cars which caused growth in the market for mass production which BMW was not a part of. Rivals Mercedes were planning to expand their product range to gain more market share with an off road sports car ready for 1997. Other manufacturers had already broken into this new market and were seeking the benefits leaving BMW behind.Porters five force model along with a SWOT analysis could be used to explore the environment in which BMW operates in for strategic situation and strategic choice analysis. They...

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4190 words - 17 pages are becoming increasingly common.Economic: Demand is predicted to increase in all world trading zones with production capacity will continue to exceed demand. Demand fluctuations are appearing between country markets. Increase in taxations of production which represents significant government revenue.Social-cultural: In 1980 there were thirty car manufactures, by 2000 this had fallen to thirteen (Case Study: The Global Car Industry) where smaller

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