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Board Meeting Six Essay

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After our sixth board meeting, we decided to select board agenda item four: Opportunity for strategic review and to raise capital as one of our four agenda items within the six items.
We thought this agenda was beneficial because we can raise capital to invest into digital media business which was fit to our business plan. Also, this agenda associated with the core strategic issues to fund strategic growth. Therefore, we could grasp the opportunities to redefine our key businesses that can bring high margins in the next few years. Goold and Campbell(1994, cited in Johnson et al, 2011,p.254) present a parenting matrix that shows four kinds of businesses to fit with the parent corporation that ...view middle of the document...

Option B: this option intended to sell the film production business – Cine FX, located in Paris, London and New York. As we known, this business did not fit well with our other clients’ services and not the core to WRSX. Cine FX company only succeed in French market and this business have been carried out with huge technology input. Nevertheless, we did not see whether it would be fit to the other markets and our operational risks apparently go up. As mentioned during the Board Meeting, we prefer to buy-out this service from lots of alternatives rather than limited cooperate with one supplier and our clients concerned about the conflict problems between us and this business would emerge. So the attempt to sell out this business has come to our mind. In addition, we need to consider that we have entered into new markets among countries such as India and Islamic and the share price have been increased regularly. Based on WRSX business environment, we judged the growth in China and India would be create more margins than that in the US and EU markets. Therefore, we decided to sell this business.

We agreed that we did not choose Option A, C and D.
For Option A: This option aimed to sell Fast Trak Mailings – the mail-handling business in New York. Selling Fast Trak can have positive effect on our businesses as we thought about Fast Trak Mailings was profitable and kept some competitive advantages although it was not one of our core businesses as seen as “the old marketing” and did not fit with our other businesses outside the New York office. This option was similar to Option B but less restricted success and the unnecessary of heavy technology and talented input so...

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