Boat Fire In The Middle Of The Ocean School Essay

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Mitchell Vallejo
Boat Fire
It was a clear cloudless sky. The sunny was smiling and so was everyone else in the harbor. We set off from Ft. Lauderdale to Stuart. It was my dad, Capt. Nick, my dad’s friend, and I, The boat’s name was Sea Lion, and it belonged to Capt. Nick. As we left the dock I thought to myself “It’s a beautiful day today, it will be an easy and fun boat ride.” We putted around the canals seeing cargo ships and cruise ships all around. We left the inlet around 7 am hoping to make it to Stuart; I was tired from getting up so early I went up to the top with my dad and Nick. I sat down in front of my dad and looked around. “This boat is in perfect condition,” I thought to myself. Then I remembered that Capt. Nick keeps it like this because he lives on the boat. Everything he owned was on this boat. Then I yawned and lied down and then fell asleep, to the sound of the 36 foot boat cruising through the water, but not for long.
“Mitchell! Mitchell!” my dad said as he woke me up, “What?” I said. “The boats on fire!” I quickly got up and saw the black diesel smoke coming out of the downstairs cabin. We climbed down the ladder and opened the engine door. Black smoke shot out from the engine compartment. My heart started racing as fast a cheetah. I was so scared. Capt. Nick...

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