Bob Dylan Poetry Assignment: Make A List Of The Works To The Author, Write About Their Life, Analyse One Of Their Works, Write About The Themes They Use And Distinctive Qualities Of The Works.

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1. I have read and listened the following poems/songs by Bob Dylan:Mr. tambourine man.Let's Stick TogetherWhen did you leave heaven?Sally Sue BrownDeath Is Not the EndHad a Dream About You, BabyUgliest Girl in the WorldSilvioNinety Miles an Hour (Down a Dead End Street)ShenandoahRank Strangers (To Me)Things Have ChangedHard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, AIt Ain't Me BabeSubterranean Homesick BluesPositively 4th StreetHighway 61 RevisitedRainy Day Women #12 And #352. Bob Dylan's life.Bob Dylan was born in 1941 to the name of Robert Zimmerman. He was born and he grew up in Minnesota. At the age of six he had learned how to play guitar, piano and the harmonica. He formed a rock n roll band while in high school however they broke up in 1959 after graduation. Robert Zimmerman went to University of Minnesota to study arts. While in college he began preforming folk songs at coffee houses under the name Bob Dylan. He got the name Dylan from his favourite poet Dylan Thomas. Bob Dylan got his big break in 1962 when the New York Times gave his show a shinning review. In 1965 bob started to change his style so it was electric rock and not folk as he had preformed previously. In 1966 bob realised his 7th album "blond on blond" witch sold over 10,000,000 copies. In 1967 Bob Dylan came back from a near tragic motorbike accident with a new country rock album that became number 2 on the charts. In 1970 with a release of a new album his sound was becoming old and the album got bad reviews but in '71 he put out a new album and his popularity was restored. In 1974 bob released his first number 1 album "Planet Waves". From 1979 to 1983 Dylan wrote a serries of Christian albums witch all got poor reviews. In 1988 Bob Dylan went on a world tour dubbed the never-ending tour this tour lasted almost 10 years. In 2001 Bob Dylan won an academy award for best song, "things have changed".Poem or songThe relationship between poetry and song is a very close. They both show mode and emotion by using rime, rhythm and pith. The two are so closely related that it is something hard to tell if you are listening to a poem accompanied by music or a actually song. In history they are also very close and in Anglo-Saxon times pomes used to be read and chanted as a harpist accompanied them. It often seen the only different between the two arts is that the writer calls poems poems and song lyrics song lyrics.Poem Number 1Ballad Of A Thin ManYou walk into the roomWith your pencil in your handYou see somebody nakedAnd you say, "Who is that man?"You try so hardBut you don't understandJust what you'll sayWhen you get homeBecause something is happening hereBut you don't know what it isDo you, Mister Jones?You raise up your headAnd you ask, "Is this where it is?"And somebody points to you and says"It's his"And you say, "What's mine?"And somebody else says, "Where what is?"And you say, "Oh my GodAm I here all alone?"Because something is happening hereBut you don't know what it isDo you, Mister Jones?You...

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