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Boca juniors is an argentine sports club based on the neighborhood named la boca in buenos aires. There are many activities in the club, but it is most known as a football team, that was promoted in 1913 has always played in the argentine primera división.
Boca juniors being on of the most successful football team in the argentina and the world having more the 50 official titles. After winning over 50 titles it is ranked in the top 25 in the IFFHS’s club world ranking. it has also been ranked the best south american club in the past decade, now currently ranked 6.
Five italian immigrants on 3 april 1905 met in order to found a club. Three of those men took lessons with Patrick McCarthy, an ...view middle of the document...

At 1925 Boca made its first european trip, that travel through Spain, Germany, and France. Although all games were friendly Boca juniors won against now a days good teams such as Real Madrid, Celta de Vigo, and Deportivo la Coruna. On 28 of June 1926 the Argentine Football association declared Boca Juniors “Campeón de Honor” (Champion of Honour) of 1925 season and each player won a gold medal.
Boca won another season unbeaten in 1926 and their last amateur season was 1930 and they won. As professional football era began Boca Juniors won in 1931 against their biggest rival River Plate 2-0. 1934 Boca won their second title, although they lost 7 matches and conceded 67 goals, the forwards played extremely well scoring 101 goals in one season. Next year they won again only conceding 29 goals and scoring 100 again.
1930s some players such as Juan Yustrich (nicknamed "El Pez Volador"), Pedro Arico Suárez,Delfín Benítez Cáceres, Domingo Tarasconi, Roberto Cherro and Francisco Varallo were not only great players, but also huge idols. 1940s Boca also only won 3 titles in 1940 when the stadium was inaugurated and won 5-2 against independiente. 1944 they won again against River in their stadium because the Bombonera was closed because of hooligans. Also won on 1944 unbeaten for 26 games a new record, until it was beaten in 1966. 1949 Boca was near being relegated.
From 1950s to 1960s Boca Juniors only won 6 championships. 1970s was a golden age for Boca after winning the 1970 national tournament. In 1976 Juan Carlos Lorenzo arrived at the club as a new coach, one of the most incredible coaches in the history of Boca Juniors, by winning 5 official titles in 3 years. First one being the metropolitano. Following the 1976 national winning against river 1-0 with a spectacular free kick by Rubén Suñé, qualifying Boca Juniors on the Copa Libertadores in 1977. Being at the finals against Cruzeiro winning in Buenos Aires 1-0 but losing in Belo Horizonte 0-1. the third game was hosted in Uruguay when finally boca won their first Copa Libertadores after the spectacular defence from the goalkeeper saving a penalty from the brazilian Vanderley. Their next title was the International Cup final against...

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