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Physical Education, “Just Do It!” –Nike

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John F Kennedy once said, “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” He believed that a person who has conditioned their body will exceed when striving towards intellectual achievements. Parents across America have seen the influence that physical exercise can have on students. After school physical education programs, such as sports, not only condition the students to maintain physical health, they also work with teachers to make sure the mind is also being conditioned through learning. Students who participate in school sports are required to maintain their grades to academic standards to be able to participate in the activity. Even though many people would agree that physical education is important to a student’s health and learning process, schools across America are still suffering budget cuts that directly affect the physical education programs and hinder the amount of resources schools have to educate students about physical education. In some cases programs have been removed from schools entirely due to the tremendous cuts in school funding. Physical education programs in schools should not suffer from budget cuts because they support making positive life choices, the exercise is good for an active brain, and being physically fit is important for children as they grow into adults.
Amongst all the classes students are required to take from elementary to high school, the one that students are most excited to participate in is physical education. Whether the students are playing a game of tag on the playground or a friendly game of dodge ball during P.E., they are giving their bodies the exercise it needs to promote healthy growth. Regular, healthful physical activity provides a wide-range of developmentally appropriate activities for all children. There are school district officials, however, argue that physical activity in school is meaningless and it consumes too much of the school budget to support. The recent cuts in school budgets across the nation have left some schools, like those in lower class economies, with little or no support for physical education programs (“Physical education, extracurricular sports suffer under budget strains.”). For example, Rob Manning from the Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) stated in an article about physical education budget cuts, that Portland district officials have suggested eliminating physical education in the lower grades as a way to balance the school budget. By removing physical education from schools, there would be a gain of $19 million from the budget (Manning, Rob). Luckily, over 86 percent of Portlanders have opposed the suggestion and advocate that the answer to school budget cuts is not the termination of school activities. Drew Mahalic, the man who leads the Oregon Sports Authority, is a leading advocate in the fight for protecting physical education from budget cuts. He exclaims,...

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