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Body Acceleration From Muscle Force Of Countermovement Jumps In Comparison To Squat Jumps

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The main theories behind why muscle forces accelerate the body upwards greater in countermovement jumps in comparison to squat jumps: a brief review
Throughout literature countermovement jumps (CMJ) are seen to be higher in contrast to squat jumps (SJ) (Bobbert et al. 1996; Kubo et al. 1999; Bobbert et al. 2005). However present literature regarding the key potential mechanisms behind why greater muscle forces are seen accelerating the body upwards in CMJ in comparison to SJ is somewhat unclear. A CMJ can be defined as a positioning starting upright, beginning the descending motion in advance of the upward motion in contrast to a SJ where the start position is squatted with no preparatory countermovement (Akl 2013). The higher jump heights seen in CMJ in comparison to SJ are apparent even if at the start of propulsion phase the body configuration is identical (Bobbert et al. 1996). In past literature three main mechanisms have looked to provide an explanation for the greater muscle forces seen in CMJ than the SJ. The first plausible theory is that the muscle stretch in CMJ increases the production of force capability of the contractile machinery (Edman et al. 1978; Ettema et al. 1992; Herzog et al. 2003). Secondly the assumption that the muscle fibres are on the descending limb of their force–length relationship at the start of propulsion in the CMJ and SJ, however in CMJ the stretching of a chain of elastic components, they are not as far past optimum length therefore allowing a greater force over the initial phase of their shortening range, with the stretching of sequences of elastic components, this then causes the storage of elastic energy that is then reutilized in the propulsion phase (Ettema et al. 1992). The final explanation is determined by the fraction of actin binding sites accessible for cross-bridge development known as muscle active state. In CMJ, active state can form in the preparatory countermovement however in SJ the active state forms in the propulsion phase, resulting in the production of force during the initial section of this phase to be submaximal (van Ingen Schenau 1984; Bobbert et al. 1996; Bobbert & Casius 2005). This literature review therefore looks to provide clarity around how each of the three mechanisms function and determine how each may contribute to greater muscle forces seen accelerating the body upwards in CMJ in contrast to SJ.
The theory that the muscle stretch in CMJ increases the production of force capacity of the contractile machinery has been broadly documented in the past (Edman et al. 1978; Ettema et al. 1992; Herzog et al. 2003). The study by Herzog et al. (2003) was carried out on ten cat soleus muscles looking to characterize the mechanical properties contributing to the increase steady-state force after an active muscle stretch in the passive element. The findings of this study supported the theory that the passive component increased force is parallel with the contractile component due to the...

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