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Body Modifications Essay

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When was the last time you saw a body modification that didn't have a meaning? Body modification has been around for centuries and has helped lift spirits, has helped lift self esteem, and has helped lift physical appearance. Discriminating people for their own personal modifications to their bodies is not acceptable for 3 main reasons: it’s part of people’s culture, religion, and everyday life.

Culture is Key
Culture is a way of life, without culture people are lifeless. That is why discrimination against body modifications is wrong. Many centuries ago, body modifications were a huge part in the way humans communicated! Instead of crowns and jewels, people used body mods to show who had a higher status in society.
Ancient Egyptians were found with tattoos of animals and mystical creatures. Could this be used to bring their people closer to the soul of the Earth? Could it maybe be that the tattoos were sacrifices to the gods for the animals they were given to hunt? The author to the forum on FragranceX stated, “Tattoos depicting animals and mythical creatures were also found on the mummified bodies of ancient Egyptian people” (“The History”).
Gauges were used to show hierarchy back before gold could be melted down into crowns. Now that sounds a lot more convenient than putting on an expensive hat? The bigger the gauge, the higher up you were in society. In the first paragraph of the website it explains, “Stretched ears can be dated as far back as 3300 BC on Otzi the Iceman who had 11-17 mm gauges” (“The History”). For some odd reason, regular ear piercings are accepted nowadays in our modern society, but the craze for gauges has been lost in history.

Relying on Religion
When people think of religion, they usually tie in the saying, “ My body is my temple,” and when those types of people see tattoos and piercings they think its a sin! Who are they to judge others on their beliefs? Why would tattoos and piercings be in the bible (Genesis 24:22) if they were a sin? The answer is very hard to explain but many believe that religion, in modern life, is sculpted by opinions and self beliefs. Those that judge others are not only sinning themselves, but are also hurting innocent people’s feelings.
Body modification does not just include tattoos and piercings, other modifications are scarification, branding, embedding, and even bodybuilding! Some Indian tribes in the Middle East had ear...

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