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Body And Mind Connection: How All Aspects Of Health Affect Learning

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The connection between the mind and body is more than muscle, connective tissue, and nerves. Each system of the body affects each other, contributing to the total health of an individual. Every aspect of health affects the way a person learns, feels, and performs. It is important have a healthy body, sound emotional state, and solid psychological state to learn and perform at the highest level of capability. The psychological aspect builds upon the emotional, and emotional upon the physical. Each plays an important role and acts as building blocks for having a sound body and mind; a holistic approach.
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They affect every aspect of learning, from inducing confidence or fear, to making the learning process enjoyable or painful, as well as creating a hierarchy of priorities in the learner’s mind (Jensen, 2005). Visualization is an invaluable tool used to focus on self-schema and it addresses the fear that all learners, at one time or another, are confronted with. Using positive visualization can address issues of stress, fear, increase focus, and build up self-image. When combined with physical training, the positive effect is amplified (Michaels, 2012).
The emotional and psychological aspect of the body are closely tied together, each relying on the other for support. For example, the emotional feeling of confidence transfers over into the psychological aspect of the I can attitude and eliminates the fear of failure, as well as giving the learner the boosted acuity in order to complete the learning task at hand. From cradle to grave, everyone is influenced by emotions and mindsets, and a level psychological and emotional foundation ensures that a learner can receive the best education possible (Giordano, 2008). Psychological, physical, and emotional stress affects learning. Attempting to learn a list of fifty vocabulary words on an empty stomach is more difficult that trying to learn them with a satisfied stomach. It is the same with stress and worries, or when the learner has doubts about their capabilities. When examining how each aspect affects the overall health alone, it is difficult to ignore the affects that it has on each aspect of the body.
With the three aspects in mind, it is easier to get a picture of how they affect each other overall. For example, John is attempting to learn how to complete a matrix in his mathematics class, but he did not eat breakfast or lunch. He is hungry, and is beyond capable of learning the concept of a matrix, but he is getting frustrated now because he does not understand how a matrix works. Already, John’s physical state of hunger is affecting his psychological state with stress. The longer John struggles with the concept of a matrix; he starts to get emotionally stressed: he has to learn this concept to pass...

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