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Body Building Essay

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People often think that bodybuilding is the best way to show off muscle strength. Instead, there are smarter ways to gain strength and show off strength and it can be done in more effective ways than straight weight lifting. In this report, I will show the benefits and effects of different types of training. Strong muscles, being essential to good health, can be built and toned through many different forms of exercise. Three primary methods of strength training are traditional exercise, alternative exercise and other miscellaneous methods of training. Traditional exercise is mainly things that you will find at your normal gym like weights, treadmills and other common equipment. Alternative ...view middle of the document...

Trainers can also give you exercises to do without any equipment at all, so you can do them at home. Another thing that trainers do is mix pieces of equipment, like making you use weights while on an exercise machine. Also, if personal trainers are too expensive or hard to get, group classes are a great option. You will get most of the same exercises, just in a group environment. Group classes are also great because you can be inspired t(o work harder, faster, more frequently, etc.) by other people in the class.
Alternative exercise is another option for muscle strengthening. Good forms of alternative exercise are group classes. The classes do not necessarily need to be group exercise classes, there are many other classes available that will strengthen you. Yoga is one of those classes. Yoga not only stretches your muscles out so they have more room to grow, you also usually work in a warm or hot environment, which makes your muscles work harder. Yoga involves balance, concentration, and relaxation. These things are all necessary and relevant to muscle strengthening because if you do too much strengthening in a short amount of time, like a week, you could possibly get injured. Pilates is another class that is great for strengthening. Pilates is a strengthening class that works smaller, but essential muscles in your body. Pilates also has lots of great core exercises involved. Another form of group classes is martial arts. Martial arts makes your body work in many ways because you have to have a certain posture and move your arms and legs in a certain way. Martial arts can also be competitive if you chose to become serious about it. Some other classes for strength are zumba, dance, and any sport. Zumba is a dance-like workout class that keeps your body moving in a warm environment. This helps with endurance and keeps your muscles working. Dance and sports help because your moving a lot and it is a workout. Each sport and type of dance is different and works different muscles. For example, tap dance won’t work the same muscles as tennis. Another alternitive method is full body exercise. Running, jogging, swimming, and biking are all examples of this. They work lots of muscles throughout your body, instead of just focusing on one group of muscles.

There are many other methods of muscle strengthening. An additional group class is aerial. Aerial includes trapeze, lira, and silks (or fabric) and all the apparatuses are elevated from the ground. Aerial, especially silks, works your upper body mostly, but works your lower body too. From aerial you can do aerial dance, in which you perform a dance routine on the floor while including moves on any of the apparatuses. Another method of gaining strength is electrical...

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