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Body Care Products And Their Impacts

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Body care products. We use them every day. On our hair, on our body, on our face. And, sometimes but not often, we think about the environmental, ethical and social impacts it has. Nowadays, it’s a standardised idea that it is extremely important to take in these factors when choosing and purchasing products; however, is it really as important as it is portrayed to be? To come to a conclusion as to whether or not it is important to think about the environmental, social and ethical impacts when buying a product, both sides shall be discussed.

The environment is probably one of the most debatable subjects around right now. And yet another debatable aspect about the impact on the environment is related to the body products. One must be thinking, “What do my body products have to do with the environment”; however, they have a much bigger impact than at first glance. These issues include the pouring of dangerous chemicals into oceans and the non bio-degradable packaging.
One may have never realised but our body care products are in fact loaded with dangerous chemicals. Body products such as facial scrubs are especially dangerous. The micro-beads inside are able to bypass the sewage treatment plants and are flushed into the ocean. The beads are perfect bait for fish who unsuspectingly think it is fish food. Other animals can also choke on these tiny micro-beads. These are only some of the ingredients loaded in our body care products: Parabens, Sodium laureth sulfate, BHA(butylated hydroxyanisole), BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) Siloxanes, Petrolatum and Triclosan; these countless names of chemicals may mean nothing to you until you realise how dangerous they actually are. These chemicals can potentially cause damage to the reproductive and immune systems, cancer (carcinogens), genetic and developmental deformities and the more fatal, death. The effect is not only restricted to us but also other organisms in the water as well.
Companies also do the same thing. As they do not want to pay to get rid of the waste, some companies dump their waste into the oceans which has an immense impact on the eco-system and organisms. The chemicals used and the consequences related to them are similar to those stated above.
Another factor where body products endanger the environment is when it comes to packaging. Statistics show that in fact body products make up a third of all landfill waste. The packaging being non bio-degradable is left lying in landfills, waiting for hundreds of years to break down. With enough threats to the environment, is there really need to worsen its condition even more?
As can be seen above, the environmental impact of body products is quite profound. Body products that go into the ocean can also cause dangerous consequences to the eco-system, especially to the organism living there. Even the packaging of body products affects the environment. Therefore, the environmental impacts should be taken seriously when...

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