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"Whoever controls the media -- images -- controls the culture" ( MacLean, 2000, page 36). Body image is affecting Americans both health wise and economy wise. Steroid use is going up for children because of their body image. Children are also cutting down on food causing eating disorders like Anorexia ( a nervous loss of appetite). Barbie and G.I. Joe dolls cause a lot of children to worry about their body image. More should be done to help children deal with peer pressure about body image.Body image is bad for the economy . Yes Americans might buy more magazines for tips with their body image. But in the long run we will lose money, because the people trying to fix their body image will most likely go days at a time and only eat 1 or 2 meals. If that happens we will lose money. For example if a person who spends $300 a week goes to $300 a month because of a diet we would lose money, and after a while everyone will switch from $300 a week to $300 a month.Body image is a main cause for eating disorders. Anorexia is one, this disorder is a fear of gaining weight and the people who have anorexia actually think thy are fat even though they are underweight. Bulimia is an other. People with bulimia are also very dissatisfied with their bodies and worry about their body weight and shape. Finally there is depression people with depression often have a unclear view of themselves and believe they are less attractive than they really are. "In conclusion, negative body image is a serious problem and has damaging affects on women's self-esteem and it can lead to depression, as well as an eating disorder. Changing our world starts with you, self-love and respect, and the end of prejudice starts with one person at a time. The external pursuit of changing your body can often damage spirituality by taking you away from the internal-self - the spirit, the soul, and the whole genuine self. If you or someone you care about suffers with negative body image, please seek professional help and stop the cycle of body hatred." (People Magazine Sept. 4, 2000 Issue, page 46) "These days kids start dieting young: more than half the primary school children in Sydney want to weigh less, and 50% of Melbourne schoolgirls (15 to 16 years old) are on diets, even though more than that number are already underweight or weigh just about the right amount. No wonder eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are household names these days." (choice, 2000, page 106)To help a child with peer pressure you should, educate children about all the disorders you could get from not eating. Listen to the child, help the child understand why they shouldn't diet. When the child makes negative comments about their shape or size you should sit down and explain to them why they look the way they do and its not bad. You must be careful not to complain about your...

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Body Image Essay

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