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Body image today is so drastically exaggerated in importance that people, often adolescents, go to the extremes of trying to be perfect. The media is what I believe makes body image such an important issue these days. It makes people want to change everything about themselves, their look, their choices, and their personality. The media are the ones also bringing this on to adolescents because of all the places they advertise. The adults are also people that I would blame for the cases of young children causing themselves to hurt for things they shouldn't be caring about. The indicative that shows that my findings are correct are all the cases that are reported about adolescents and their body image problems.
Places that the media stress on body image the most are on the television. They show all these revealing dramas, and this is what kids these days are watching, and whatever they see is what they start thinking. For example, in Time Magazine, it clearly states that " Gossip Girl" a TV series, was promoted as MIND-BLOWINGLY INAPPROPRIATE. The magazine even gives us an example about this girl from a family starting to suggestively sing a song about licking a lollipop. Show that are supposed to be for children even give them ideas about things they wouldn't be thinking about unless they watched those certain shows. For instance, little girls might love to watch the show " Hannah Montana" but imagine what they start to think when they find out she was found on a picture semi naked, at the age of 15. Another teenager star that have lots of influence on adolescents and younger children is probably TV star Jamie Lynn Spears, and what has she gotten herself into...she got pregnant.
Another place where they advertise things about peoples' bodies are in magazines, and in the internet. A week doesn't even pass without news of a prominent pre-adult showing off their under things as Time Magazine states. The internet is also making people believe differently about their bodies. It has things posted all the time describing how a body should be, and with the millions of people who get on the internet everyday seeing this causes them to believe think differently about their bodies. One thing that these people who post blogs up don't tell you is that, the adolescents trying to act like these stars end up getting pregnant or many other things. For instance, teenage girls these days try to be like other girls on TV and this causes them to be sexually active, and with this occurring nearly 1 in 4 girls ages 14 to 19 acquire a sexually transmitted disease, as Time Magazine describes it. It also says that in African American girls it's even more likely, 1 in 2 girls obtain a sexually transmitted disease.
Sexually transmitted diseases are also not the only thing that adolescents obtain. The other phenomenon that occurs because of the media is that teenagers these days try to make their bodies perfect, just like the bodies of the stars on TV. There are many...

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