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Body Image Presented Through The Media

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Body Image Presented Through The Media

     In the world we live in today, we are constantly hearing or seeing advertisements through the media about why you need to lose weight, grow more hair, or have whiter teeth, etc. It is scary to just sit down and watch these advertisements on TV, because they make you feel that if you do not have the perfect body image, which I do not believe there is one, then you will not get the job you want or the boyfriend or girlfriend you have been going after, almost basically just saying that you will be a loser the rest of your life and no one will like you if you do not look a certain way.
     I do not want to sound like I am contradicting myself here, but do not get me wrong it is very important for a person to present themself, look attractive, eat healthy and exercise. I just think our society has reached a point where we have become to obsessed with every little part of our appearance. Plastic surgery has got to the point where people are getting their face adjusted more than a Mr. Potato Head doll. Every week I see a new “miracle drug” infomercial on TV that claims to “improve your life drastically” just because it will make your hair thicker, your penis larger, or your skin tanner. I thought this group really got their point across when they talked about all of the reality shows focused on changing a persons image or making them look like a celebrity or someone they are not. The...

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