Body Language         Communication Involves More Than Just Works. How We

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Body Language Communication involves more than just works. How we dress, how we move our heads, what posture we take, all give a message to anyone listening. These non-verbal actions consist of things such as facial expressions, posture, tone and pitch of voice, rate of speech, clothing and the use of physical space.Example: a wink, a hug, a scowl, crossing arms… People have a tendency to believe these more readily then they do our verbal messages perhaps because they are less conscious and less subject to control. Body language can also be easily misinterpreted. Is looking away a sign of disinterest or shyness? Touching can also be misinterpreted since it is a relative to cultures, circumstances, etc, Guidelines for Listening 1. Hold your tongue (keep quiet) and be attentive 2. Convey an open spirit in your body language 3. Stay in eye contact 4. Avoid assuming anything about what the other person will say 5. Give signals that you are listening 6. Help by summarizing occasionally 7. Ask clarifying questions 8. Check your perception of the speakers body language 9. Let the person know if you cannot listen at the time.Autonomy Identity and autonomy correlate each other to give you a strong sense of identity and helps you become autonomous. An autonomous person understands that he or she is independent and interdependent. These are the two types of false autonomy: Two Types of False Autonomy 1. GROUP THINK â€" In the transitional period when people make a sharp turn from their parents. They adopt the practices of a different group (ex. Cult). In this form they trade from one dependency for another 2. JAIL-BREAK MARRIAGE â€" In the desire to be free from their own family; some people contract into another family.i.e they get married without the necessary maturity and skills to make it work.Identity 1. Who you are.2. It’s a combination of: -personality traits -ability -strength -weaknesses -interests -values FACTORS out of our CONTROL help shape our IDENTITY include: 1. Cosmic: your birth and God 2. Genetic: genes have a strong influence on who you are 3. Cultural: no control over culture you were raised in 4. Circumstances: major historical events, accidents, chance meetings Factors Which Affect Our Perception 1. First Impressions: first impressions often have a powerful influence on how we perceive (see) people and events. They often determine the way we think or behave in a certain situation.2. Perceiver’s Role (personality): our personalities contribute to our expectations in life; our understanding of things, events and people, and our reactions to these situations. Ex. A person who...

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Body Language Communication Essay

1203 words - 5 pages how we move." In my job as an office manager communication is very important. The more one is aware of body language and its functions the better advantage one will have in today's workplace. Understanding body language will help you understand effective communication at work.Eye Contact"Eye contact is the most obvious way you communicate. When you are looking at the other person, you show interest. When you fail to make eye contact, you give the

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1043 words - 4 pages the 7% - 38% - 55% Rule and was developed by UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian to describe the verbal/non-verbal forms of communication ratio ("Non Verbal Communication ") defines body language as: nonverbal, usually unconscious, communication through the use of postures, gestures, facial expressions, and the like. When human speak to one another, we use more than just words. Hand gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, and other

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The Role of Body Language in Communication

2012 words - 8 pages ; through the words (verbal channel) we use, through the voice (vocal channel) we use and through the body language (action channel or what is broadly considered as “non-verbal” channel). In 1971, research published by Albert Mehrabian showed that  Words account for 7 per cent  Tone of voice account for 35 per cent  Body language accounts for 55 per cent of the message. Just think about this: More than half the message that a receiver gets is from

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1577 words - 7 pages completely engaged and patient. They have to be aware of what is meant to be said and observant of body language cues. Oral communication can often be too difficult for someone autistic, so they often prefer to use an alternative means of communication themselves, such as sign language or visual symbols (2). Unfortunately, it is usually a one way conversation with someone autistic because often the one with autism understands the other person better, than

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