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Body Mass Index And Average Weight

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My subject is a nine year old female. She attends the fourth grade which is average for her age. Her height is four feet three inches, and her weight is eighty-five pounds. According to average height for a nine year old female is “47 inches” or three feet nine inches, and the average weight is “63.8 Ibs.” This would be mean that she is above average in both weight and height. Being above average in weight does not necessarily mean that a person is obese, it just means they are above average in weight for the population, and in my subjects situation off by just a little. In terms of BMI(Body Mass Index) my subject scored 23, which is in the normal range. This means ...view middle of the document...

Cognitive development of the participant is concrete operational. I have come to this conclusion because of the child’s age, and because the subject understands concepts like reversibility, conservation, and classification. As an exercise, I asked the subject to organize, and classify her toys. I have not told the subject to organize in a particular way, so the choice was up to her to decide. In a matter of minutes, the subject was done and had classified the toys by dominant color. By doing this, the subject has proven she understands the concept of classification. She has also proven that she understands reversibility by stating a stretched play dough can be turned back into a ball shape. All these key points are needed to identify someone as concrete operational. If a child does not start to understand these concepts by eight years of age it could mean that there is a developmental problem. Although people do not reach milestones at the same time, there is a range that should be used as a hint of developmental problems.
During the interview subject has shown average attention span. The average attention span is around 20 minutes, the participant has proved that she can focus a little more than that. I feel that the subjects would have proven to be above average if the interview had gone on much longer, the interview time was the limiting factor. Throughout the interview, the subject has also shown exceptional selective attention, even with a couple distractions her and there. One point during the interview I had asked the subject to do a memory exercise to test short-term memory. I had given the subject random...

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