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Body Piercing Complications Essay

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Name/School Info RemovedEveryday people get ear, tongue, nipple, navel, and other body piercings without properlyinforming themselves. Before anyone goes to get a body piercing they should first conduct research about the many possible complications. People don't often think about the negative aspects of getting a body piercing, but by not knowing about the negative aspects that canoccur one might not be able to properly recognize a problem until it is too late. Medical complications resulting from body piercing procedures and improper aftercare can be vastly reduced through greater education.Spotting symptoms from minor infections is the key to minimizing complications after a body piercing.If your piercing is infected, the skin around the area may be red and swollen. It might hurt totouch your piercing, and there may be yellowish, bad-smelling fluid coming from the hole. Ifyou have a fever or any of these symptoms, you should see your doctor.(American Family Physician, 2005)While minor infections should be taken seriously and treated accordingly there is still a greater threat that comes from major infections.Unlike minor infections that affect the individual after the body piercing; major infections can be contracted from the procedure itself. Meltzer (2005) states, "Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B or C, and even tetanus can be contracted from nonsterile piercing techniques. Although earrings may be sterilized before use, most piercings 'guns' are not sterilized between procedures." This can facilitate the spread of infectious viruses from one person to another unknowingly. For this reason it is not recommended to get a body piercing with a piercing "gun."Choosing a reputable licensed body piercing shop is important to reduce complications associated with the procedure. Each state has strict licensing procedures that body piercers must follow. One should properly research the state regulations in the area the individual plans to obtain the body piercing from. In addition to state licensing many body piercers will take further classes and training improve quality of work and reduce the risk of complications. These additional courses usually include Prevention of Disease Transmission and Blood borne Pathogens, CPR and first aid, human anatomy, and industry created training workshops.A piercing studio's sterilization program is paramount to reduce the spread of major infections. Any studio that will agree to pierce an individual in the lobby is an establishment that should be avoided. Professional studios will always have separate sterile rooms where the piercing procedure is conducted in. Prior to the receiving the body piercing all items associated with the piercing such as forceps, jewelry, dermal punches, and tubes must sterilized using a steam autoclave. All needles that will be used in the procedure need to be brand new and pre-sterilized. After the procedure is finished the needles...

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