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What is organizational culture ? The metaphor of organization as culture is a part of the symbolic interpretative theories in the 1980s. According to Hatch (1997:52) it can be defined as: ¡§Image of the organization as a pattern of meanings created and maintained by human association through shared values, traditions, and customs.¡¨ But many authors have different definitions.Schein¡¦s model A model for explaining culture has been produced by Edgar Schein a social psychologist came to the three levels of culture theory in the early 1980s.Schein¡¦s theory (1985) shows that there are three levels of culture. First, there are the assumptions, which are the beliefs and taken for granted ideas in the organization. There is no level of awareness for the people belonging to this organization Secondly, there are the values and norms. The values are the principles, the goals that the organization believes in, they help to make judgment and to know what is right and what is wrong. The norms are an unwritten guide of behavior. For values and norms there is a greater level of awareness.Finally, there are artifacts, which are the most visible part of the organization¡¦s culture. They can be physical manifestations, behavioral manifestations or verbal manifestations.Assumptions The staff seems to recognize that The Body Shop tend to be more socially and environmentally responsible than its competitors. But it needs at first to make profit to continue its activity. It also tries to be innovative by creating a new way of doing business.Values As a business The Body Shop has a lot of ethical values. Human rights, equal opportunities in the workplace, training, good communication, and wages are as good or better than the other similar industries.It also tries to be innovative on products.Transparency and special relationships with suppliers, which become partners and help in the long-term efficiency.As a pressure group The Body Shop fight for animal rights, to give up test on animals. It also focuses on ecology with campaigns against pollution for example. Fair trade is well developed.Artifacts As a business The above values are the basis of the body shop communication. The Body Shop makes audits every year and evaluates the perceptions of the performance against its mission of its stakeholders: staff, international franchisees, UK franchisees, US franchisees, customers, Suppliers, Non-Government Organization¡¦s and Foundation applicants.The Body Shop adopts a Trading Charter; they fix all the values with its suppliers by contract. There are intencive to reward them if they respect it.They have the quality norm ISO 2002, which implies that they control also their suppliers¡¦ quality and production.As a pressure group The Body Shop implicates its staff in the support campaigns.The employees are aware of the pressing global issue.Anita Roddick became an artifact of the Body...

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3243 words - 13 pages BA (HONS) Business Studies (2008-2011) SECOND YEAR Experiencing organisations assignment LECTURER: MARTIN BROWN SUBMITTED BY: INGA TROFIMOVA (TRO08431937) Submission Date: 15th May'2009 My Organisational Experience in The Body Shop Introduction This essay explores my organisational experience. I have chosen to write about this organisation because I think

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1273 words - 5 pages In this article we can see that The Body Shop is an organization with Social Corporate Responsibility concept. Besides providing high quality beauty products, they considering the social responsibility to make a positive difference in the world. This ethical behavior beauty company founder actually is a social and environmental activist who works on the basis of being a business model of positive social change named Dame Anita Roddick. The Body

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2448 words - 10 pages Question 1Anita Roddick and the Body ShopIn 1976, Anita Roddick opened her first Body Shop store in Brighton, England, with £4000 in borrowed funds from a bank. She began by selling a small range of skin and hair care products made from natural ingredients (Roddick, 1991, pp. 19, 76).In the beginning, Roddick did not possess the skills necessary to run a large organization. This can be seen when the Body Shop International (BST), at first

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1289 words - 5 pages on her by re-using containers during the Second World War; this set the foundation of Anita's idea for The Body Shop. Anita's greater motive to open The Body shop was to show customers how cosmetic products are only used for cleansing, protection and polishing. Since she started The Body Shop she started to travel around the world, Anita received many knowledge's about body rituals and she also discovered twelve natural ingredients from women who

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1238 words - 5 pages Anita Roddick - This Woman Has Changed Business ForeverInnocence, passion, simplicity, vision, honesty; these are just a few of the words that describe Anita Roddick's method that has been so successful in taking the reputation and operations of The Body Shop to the standard it adheres to today. The previously mentioned traits of Anita Roddick's management style are clearly the first thing that does/should stand out to readers, but there is

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1064 words - 4 pages activities, the Body Shop has developed long-term sustainable trading relationships with key suppliers and created a special purchasing programme-Community Trade. This programme trades with communities in needs around the world and receives ingredients and accessories directly from the developing countries. The Body Shop substantially benefits from the community trade since more raw materials can be found for inclusion in the best-selling products

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2373 words - 9 pages enable the customers to move freely from one area to another and to make the purchasing decisions easier. Visual merchandising techniques are logical, practical and can be taught to all of a store's employees. But first the retailer must instill in employees a sense of ownership of the merchandise. Body shop was founded by Anita Roddick in 1976, started from one small shop in Brighton. Today, the Body Shop boasts over 1,900

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2551 words - 10 pages has become socially responsible the company might be able to earn more revenue.Body shop, for instance, is one organisation which runs its business based on the socieconomic view. Body shop announced that it will build on the company's unique values, including a ban on animal testing and support for community trade, human rights and the environment (Wheatley, C., 2002, pg. 1). The Body Shop's trademark of 'No Animal Testing' has been well known

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1101 words - 4 pages , founder of The Body Shop, was a social-oriented entrepreneur. These types of entrepreneurs are “pioneers of innovations that benefit humanity” (Boone, Kurtz, 2011, pg.185). Social entrepreneurs not only want to profit from their business but also have an interest in helping society. Profit-Oriented Entrepreneurial Approach I’ll begin by discussing Victor Kiam. Victor was well known for his phrase, “I liked the shaver so much, I bought the

"Lazlo, The Clockmaker" A 6 page short story inspired by Salvador Dali's painting 'Persistance of Memory' written for my final project in my college Creative Writing class.

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1095 words - 4 pages IntroductionThe Body Shop a globally recognised brand name in the natural cosmetic and toiletries industry, founded by Dame Anita Roddick, in the year 1976. Dame Anita began Body Shop to create a living for herself and her family (About Dame Anita Roddick, n.d.). The Body Shop which began as a small store in England today has over 2400 stores across 61 countries in the world with over 1200 products (The Body Shop website). The Body Shop also has

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9470 words - 38 pages Strategy Field ProjectThe Body ShopEXECUTIVE SUMMARYToday "The Body Shop" is one of the best and well-known brands available in the Cosmetics industry especially in the natural product category. The company founded in 1976 by Anita Roddick, has presence in 51 countries with 2000 stores worldwide in the year 2004. The company operates in 4 markets; Americas, Europe, Middle East/Africa and Asia.The company is into the industry that is on the verge

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3601 words - 14 pages The Body Shop InternationalCASE ISSUES:Market Saturation/Loss of Sales (CI#1) - Growth Strategy is no longer working for The Body Shop. Their store growth has diminished since the mid-1990s, and by 2002 the company's profit was shrinking, and sales were not growing proportionally to the rapid expansion of stores. Having entered a retrenchment phase, they need to focus on profitability without rapid expansion.Is Anita Gone? (CI#2) - Though Anita

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