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When you think of a weight lifter, what do think of ? Your probably thinking of the kind of guy with big arms and a huge ego. The guy that played all the sports and got all the girls. That?s not always the case. Not all weight lifters are striving for the same results from their workout. I put weight lifters into one of three categories depending on the results they desire.Category one are the type of people that lift weights to get lean and quick. These people generally are either bikers or runners. You probably have seen this kind of person when you are driving down the highway. When you drive by them you can see that they are very skinny, but at the same time they are in excellent shape. They don?t have an ounce of fat on them. You will also see this kind of person running a marathon. Your probably wondering how these people get so skinny, but also stay that muscular. This type of person spends a short time in the weight room. They are usually only in the weight room for about thirty to forty minutes. They spend such a short time in the weight room because they have to go running or biking also. When they are in the weight room they lift low weight at high repetition. They do this because it burns fat and doesn?t add bulk. In other words they emphasize on toning their muscles instead of building them. For instance, when they do the bench press lift, they will only put about seventy pounds on the bar and bench that at least fifteen times. This type of person is generally athletic, but you will never find them on the football field. You would see a lot of soccer players and cross country runners in this category. In addition to lifting and running regularly, they must also eat very well. They would eat very lean meat and other low calorie foods to keep their figure. You would also find a lot of women in this category. Women in beauty pageants would have similar eating and workout habits. Gymnasts are a great example of lifters that have to be lean and quick, but at the same time strong.Category two are the type of people that lift to get strong and bulky. This kind of lifter is generally a rugby or a football player. I?m sure that everybody has seen this type of person before. The best example of this type of person is Mike Alstott, fullback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He is a huge guy, but he doesn?t have muscle definition. The reason he doesn?t is because he isn?t worried about looking good. The person that lifts for strength and bulk generally does so for sports performance. They want to be strong and heavy so they can push their weight around on the playing field. They achieve this by lifting high amounts of weight at low repetitions. So, a person of Mike Alstott?s size would bench about three...

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