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Bodybuilding. Essay

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BodybuildingThousands of young men and women who wanted to gain muscular mass during the 1940's, created the sport of bodybuilding. Men and women of all ages started lifting weights so they could compare to the people whose bodies were more complex. Bodybuilding gained more attention in the late 1980's when the National Promotion Competition created more competitive events so the sport could gain larger crowds and more serious competitors.Since the early 1990's there have been millions of people spending more time in the gym on a regular basis, but there are very few people who choose to make a living off winning competitions. To be a successful bodybuilder there are many techniques you can choose to follow, but the competitor must realize what he/ she wants to do to their body. According to Aton Hutchisos, a former professional bodybuilder, "what you put in the sport is what you will get out of it"(Hutchisos). Hutchisos also stated " its hard to maintain and focus on the sport and stay self-disciplined, while not giving up when things become tiring and difficult".The sport of bodybuilding leads in two directions. One direction some bodybuilders choose to take is to use steroids. The other direction you can choose from is to be all natural with no muscle boosters. Most people who use steroids are unaware of the major side effects they cause. The most common side effect is the toxins in the steroids damage your liver severely. Even though many athletes know about the side effects, they continue to use steroids and develop testosterone, which creates more muscular mass for the athlete. However while they are gaining muscle mass, it is proven that steroids cause some people to lose their hair, develop breasts and reduce their sperm count...

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1105 words - 5 pages “For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer. –Arnold The amazing culture of building muscle has brought many people to love it. What we know today as bodybuilding began in 1890s with a man named Eugene Sandow. Weight training and bodybuilding is an athletic activity, practiced in ancient Egypt and Greek, to gain strength and show their

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985 words - 4 pages Introduction Lou Ferrigno, a Bodybuilder an actor and a fitness trainer. He has become an inspiration to bodybuilders around the world. Lou Competed for many years and is one of the most popular bodybuilders of all time. He is known for his acting as the incredible hulk in the CBS television show. He overcame his hearing loss and used it to push himself to become a superstar. Lou still continues to affect the world of bodybuilding by training

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1239 words - 5 pages When you're old and grey and you look back on your life and think about what you have done and the things that you achieved are you gonna say I have reached the highest level of success in my life or are you gonna say I should have done this and changed that. If you are Arnold Schwarzenegger, you would think about your success. He is famous all around the world because of the 3 main careers in his life, bodybuilding, acting, and politics and

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763 words - 3 pages . These women in the video said that they didn't take additives or steroids. Today both in men's and women's bodybuilding, the use of these drugs is prevalent. In the video we watched the amateurs even looked liked they were taking the drugs. At the pro-level it is even worse. A lot of them will not admit to it, but everyone knows. With bodybuilding people want to see the freaks, and that's how the industry makes its money. If they didn't take drugs

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587 words - 3 pages Sandow the MagnificentThe book, Sandow the Magnificent by David L. Chapman, speaks of the beginnings of bodybuilding and how one man, Eugen Sandow, was responsible for making bodybuilding the popular sport of present time. Sandow's life was centered around fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. After reading the book, one can come to the realization that Sandow deserves much credibility as the one who provided the foundation and guidelines for

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2692 words - 11 pages his films speak a universal language, ensuring that international markets are ripe prospects. His identification with young children, politics, bodybuilding/fitness enthusiasts, hollywood, and most importantly, an inseparable bond with the American Dream make a superstar of the man who is Arnold Schwarzenegger.Born in the tiny village of Thal-By-Graz , Austria, young Arnold Schwarzenegger did not seem destined for grandeur. 'In the beginning

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640 words - 3 pages of adjustable, weight loaded barbell. Weight training grew exponentially at this time because it was easier to movie weights on and off a bar, but also sport coaches noticed a huge increase in athleticism so they would force their teams to work out. Bodybuilding soon came around, on Muscle beach in Venice, California. Bodybuilding was performed by those who went into physique shows, Male or female. After sometime people who weren’t as intrigued

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1159 words - 5 pages for long and he disclosed nothing to do with any drugs. “Exercise is more of a state of the mind. You need to focus on it and your body will wholly give into it,” he said. He bluntly declined to comment on the drugs he uses though once I asked him to recommend a drug for me he was quick to single out steroid. The major point of confusion comes in on what is health and fitness and what refers to hardcore bodybuilding. For health and fitness, it is

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1544 words - 7 pages some part of him internally. From bodybuilder to blockbuster action star to comedy king to politician, Arnold is a fine example of a young Austrian boy who has courageously followed his every dream. Although he is mostly himself as a family man, he is able to portray his different sides through his bodybuilding and acting career. We are led to believe that who Arnold really is a friendly, supportive, and determined man. Many of the people that would


1555 words - 6 pages none noneBodybuildingBodybuilding has recently become one of the world's fastest growing sports. There are many different types of bodybuilders. For example, there are professionals who work out for mass, those who work out for definition and those who work out for strength. There is much more to bodybuilding than there appears to be. In order to produce substantial muscle growth, proper training methods must be followed. On a different level

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945 words - 4 pages with work or if quality foods are not easily available. To others, taking specific food supplements is a means to increase immunity to certain diseases, support bodybuilding, or achieve weight loss. Some health care providers recommend taking dietary supplements to replace nutritional deficiencies but most experts advise consuming a healthy, balance diet that provides most of the nutrients one needs to maintain health. Supplements that can Damage

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604 words - 2 pages Among the obscure sports to choose from, one that the public have the least amount of knowledge about is the sport of bodybuilding. That is the competition with the guys in the little Speedo and enough instant bronze tan lotion to kill a horse. But Speedos and bronze tanner aside, the men and women who participate in this sport are in peak physical condition, training year round to maintain a physique that ancient Greeks attributed only to the

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919 words - 4 pages Arnold’s Impact “Bodybuilding is much like any other sport. To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet and mental approach” (“Arnold Schwarzenegger”). Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger was one of the most memorable and respected body builders of all time. Between 1970 and 1980, he won seven Mr. Olympia tittles and his record stood for eleven years (Ryan, 1-4). His bodybuilding career helped spark a generation of fitness

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