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Boeing 777 Essay

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In recent years, airplanes have become a very important means of transportation. The worldfs three major airframe manufacturers, Airbus Industrie, Boeing, and McDonnell, have been making big airplanes because airlines are making a demand on these companies for them. According to John Rounhill, who is a chief project engineer of the Boeing 777s, most people assert that the market for aircraft will develop five percent a year on average (Cook, W, 1991). Therefore, Boeing has made the Boeing 777 to supply the marketfs demand. The Boeing 777 has turbofan engines and is a long haul airliner. This paper will discuss the background of the Boeing 777, the improvement to the Boeing 777, and the background of the Boeing 777-300.The Boeing 777 family is a design that has been worked out for closing the size gap between the Boeing 767 and the Boeing 747. The 777-200 and the 777-300 have made non-stop routes that have never been possible before. The main airplane of the current aircraft market is the Boeing 777-200, which can accommodate from 305 to 328 passengers. The early Boeing 777-200, which was entered service in May 1995, has a range flight 5,925 miles (Boeing Family, 2000). The Boeing 777-200ER, which has an extended a range was delivered in February 1997, and is able to fly the same number of passengers to 8,861 miles. At the time, this airplane established a new gGreat Circle Distance Without Landing record.h The airplane flew from the Boeing plant in Seattle to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, a range of 12,455.34 miles (20,044.20 Km) and established the new air route form Seattle to Kuala. The average speed was 553miles (889 Km) per hour (Boeing 777 Program Milestones). Another member of the family is the Boeing 777-300 which is a more lengthened type that can seat from 328 to 394 passengers (777 Family Background, 2000). The Boeing 777-300 is a high-capacity stretched version of wide-body twinjet from Boeing Commercial Airplane Group. This member of the 777 family of jetliners can meet airline demand for a jetliner sized to replace older wide-body airplanes, including early versions of the 747 (777-300 Back Ground, 2000). The first plane was delivered in May 1998. The recently delivered 777s from Boeing have become popular twinjets. The Boeing 777-300 has been the ideal replacement for early 747s, and the Boeing 777-200ER has become the longest range airplane in the world (777 Family, 2000).The airline trade has demanded the production of new type of airplanes, and the Boeing has made the Boeing 777 to meet the demand. After Airline companies, which were United Airlines, All Nippon Airways, British Airways, Japan Airlines, and Cathay Pacific, discussed the new airplanefs configuration, the manufacturer began to make the airplanes in compliance with their wishes. As a result, the cabin of the Boeing 777 is spacious and flexible, and its design meets the needs of the market. Boeing projected that the 777 buyers of airlines will be American, Delta, United,...

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