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Boeing Case Essay

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BackgroundBoeing is one of the principal manufacturers of planes and aerospace equipments of the world. It's the world leading company in aeronautical and of defense planes, it's main office is located in the city of Chicago. The major factories are placed in the surroundings of the city of Seattle, state of Washington, close to the coasts of the Pacific Ocean. The company, initially call "B*W", was founded by William Edward Boeing and George Conrad Westervelt in 1916. On the following year it acquired the name of " Boeing Airplane Company ". William Boeing had studied in Yale's university and worked initially at the sector of the wood. In 1934 Boeing was already a big company, and William Boeing decided to sell his participations immediately, because of the law that had been promulgated after the great depression, which was forcing to the companies of certain dimension to be divided in several smaller and independent units. During the Second World war Boeing constructed a gigantic quantity of bombardiers. Many of its workers were women whose husbands had gone to the war. In the beginning of March, 1944 the production had increased in such a way that every month were leaving the factory 350 planes. To prepare an assault from the air, the buildings of the factories were covered with vegetation and elements of the field like camouflage. During the years of war, the principal American companies manufacturers of planes collaborated narrowly. now a days the Executive Vice President, The Boeing Company President and Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Airplanes is James F. Albaugh. Boeing strategy is "to become an integrator. It comes down to this: we take big pieces and assemble them, and build an airplane. We get anything from small to large subassemblies from suppliers. We expect suppliers to do more of the work.""Boeing's competencies are:Detailed customer knowledge and focus We will seek to understand, anticipate and be responsive to our customers' needs.Large-scale systems integration We will continuously develop, advance, and protect the technical excellence that allows us to integrate effectively the systems we design and produce.Lean enterprise Our entire enterprise will be a lean operation, characterized by the efficient use of assets, high inventory turns, excellent supplier management, short cycle times, high quality and low transaction costs."People InvolvedAllan Mulally: CEO of Boeing commercial airplanes, and executive vice president of Boeing company. Mulally remark the importance of building strong relationships with customers. Now days, He is the President and CEO of Ford Motor Company.Tom Cogan: Chief project engineer for the Dreamliner. He play's a very important paper for the Boeing's 787 success, because he had to face all innovative process to create a plane that had become the industry sale leader. Tom has been named 2007 Engineer of the Year by Design News magazine and still works with Boeing.Jim McNerney: CEO for Boeing...

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