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Boeing: Management Planning Function Essay

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Boeing is a company famous for their exceptionally popular 7-series commercial airplanes. Not only do they produce these large planes but they also design Integrated Defense Systems, missiles, satellites, launch vehicles, and a variety of communication systems. Having different departments that create very different products leaves the company vulnerable to failure by deadlines as well as unmotivated workers. All levels of management have their own separate duties and tasks to follow through with as well as motivate their employees to produce more efficiently to meet their set deadline. Even though they have such a heavy workload to complete daily they are able to do this through planning. The planning function of management is very important because if there is no plan there is no way to reach the desired goal in the desired time frame.Being a company of such diversity in its products they must meet deadlines and final product dates. Boeing has specific and precise objectives such as the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, their newest commercial airplane. Having this large object in front of them they must measure the financial aspects to see if the project at hand is worth production to gain profit. Not only in the financial field but they must gather valuable information whether the product is achievable and not out of their reach to produce. A very important question they must ask themselves is if they have the resources, such as material, man power, and equipment to achieve the deadline. Lastly they must set a reasonable time frame to work in be fore the product must be complete.Following those steps the company will start with the six steps of planning. Situational analysis where they will find all factors that will affect their goal. Next they will create an alternative goal as well as a plan to achieve this secondary goal. Following the creation of these plans they must evaluate them and make sure they are feasible. They will pick the one that works best to start with and save the other as a back up. For example if a group of their employees working on this goal got up and quit they better have a plan to fix it as in back up employees to cover for the loss. They must implement this plan and then monitor and control it whilst it is being carried out. With these steps in place and followed and fulfilled Boeing was able to produce their new Dreamliner and release it for use. Only a short time after the airplanes premier Air Berlin announced their order for twenty five of these large commercial airplanes. (Boeing, 2007)Legal issues are inescapable by any large organization with law suits knocking at their doors. When a legal issue is brought up Boeing must have a set plan for the specific situation that must be carried out. If the situation is a customer of theirs bringing a law suit the first thing usually needed to be done is to get the company lawyer(s) involved. As an example Boeing went through a large ethical scandal that brought many legal...

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