Boeing's Strength, Weakness, Threats, Oppotunities And Its Implication

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Strengths Implications1. Highly Skilled Managers The operation of the company will run smoothly. The performance of the company will improve and would lead the company to be successful.2. Provide global customer support It would serve the customers better and it would be very convenient to those customers in other countries to ask for help. This would help the company to gain a better image due to the provided services to help the customers.3. Outsourcing It can save time for the company to manufacture or assembly its products.4. Emphasizing the product quality The durability of the company could last long. It gives the company to have a durability image to the customers. Customers would likely be satisfied and the company could gain some customer loyalty.5. Recognized market leader Customers would likely choose them first as their priority.6. Strong brand name Customers would easily associate the product. The brand name is instilled in the mind of the customers. Then, customers would think that the product is of good quality and the product would be their major choice when purchasing. The company would be able to generate higher sales for having strong brand name. It also has more advantage than the competitors in many areas.7. Joint ventures/ Alliances with other aircraft companies It would help the company lessen its burden on producing other parts of aircraft. It aids on making the production of aircraft faster with the service of another companies. It would make the aircraft production for two aircraft companies sharing ideas for the betterment of the aircraft.8. Many Features This will give higher probability that the customer would buy the product because of the extra features. This is absolutely an advantage for the company. If passengers are satisfied by this aircraft most probably that the airline would buy again from the same company of aircraft gaining customer loyalty.Weaknesses Implications1. Layoff technical workers It will consume lots of time to hire new workers and will spend lot of money to train them if there is a need to do so. In fact, hiring or choosing the right candidates is a critical operation of the company. This might threaten other workers for being the next candidate to be laid off. And this would lead to lower productivity. Mostly, new workers are to be oriented and supervised so it will take time.2. Mismanagement of parts or raw materials When the parts are needed, they are mostly not available for the production process. Thus, while in process, a halt might happen. So, it is not efficient at all.3. Conservative Company The company could not improve well on its system. It could not adapt to the changes in the environment that leads to failures. It believes that its system will work well when in fact there might be other effective ways. It might lose some opportunities that come its way.4. High Production Cost It might lead to higher cost of product to be able to earn revenue. And it is not consistent to the goal...

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