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Executive Summary

Bois Bande wine is a local company that manufactures a sexual tonic wine product. The intention is to position the company as a leader in local wine products, particularly those centered on the male enhancement wine market. I plan to address the need of drinkers that are in need of an energy boost as well as a sexual performance supplement, with the intention of becoming the leader in the enhancement wine industry. Bois Bande tea is based on the same uses of the bois bande plant but caters to women and other more conservative consumer. It enhances energy and libido, as well as stamina but is 100% natural with no additives.


My product is called Bois Bande Wine. The main active ingredient in Bois Bande wine is Richeria grandis (locally called Boise Bande) a tree species in the family Phyllanthaceae which ranges from the Lesser Antilles to South America. The species is reputed to have aphrodisiac properties and currently other drinks on the market claim to feature the ingredient in very low quantities that are yet to be disclosed. The plant is somewhat legendary in the Caribbean for its aphrodisiac properties and I intend to utilize it in significant quantities along with other herbal aphrodisiacs and become the first in the region to patent and actually publish the comprehensive breakdown of Tonic Wine. Bois Bande tea is a healthier, less concentrated spin off of Bois bande wine, manufactured in a tea form. Although Bois Bande tea uses the same active in gradient as its selling point, it caters to a different segment of the market that is older, health conscious and more conservative.

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Executive Summary --------------------------------------------------------------------------- pg2 Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ pg 2 Company Vision, Mission and Values ------------------------------------------------------ pg4 Swot Analysis (fig.1) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- pg5 Swot analysis continued------------------------------------------------------------------------ pg6 Segmentation(fig.2)------------------------------------------------------------------------------ pg7 Segmentation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ pg8 Product Review --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pg 9 Targeting ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pg 10 Marketing Mix(fig.3)------------------------------------------------------------------------------ pg 11 Marketing Mix continued------------------------------------------------------------------------ pg 12 Positioning------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pg 13 Points of Parity and...

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