Boliperu: An Environmental Discussion Essay

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Ladies and Gentleman,

Good evening. On behalf of myself and on behalf of the other members of the Office of Finance, I welcome you to this meeting tonight. We are brought together here tonight to discuss the past, present, and future of our country. Tonight, we will finally give some much needed attention to matters that have remained suppressed at our conventions for the last few years. Ladies and gentleman, I am the new minister of finance and I took the oath of this office planning to make a difference. I was elected here to make changes for our people and yet, thus far, I have not done so. I find myself debating at our conferences whether to speak what needs to be discussed or to remain mum so as not to infringe on my fellow politicians' views or beliefs. However, we are at a fork in the road at which we can no longer remain neutral by not choosing a path. Tonight, I ask you to give me your full attention. I will point us in a direction tonight and we must decide whether or not to follow into that direction. If my opinion is deemed idiotic, then you will at least know that my path was wrongly chosen and not in the best interest of our people. We must also remember that we are here to represent our people and not our personal interests. So let us accomplish a goal of debate tonight, let us settle upon a consensus for the good of our very nation.

"Trees are the earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven."

Rabindranath Tagore

Mr. Tagore said it best. Trees are extremely valuable to our nation's economy as they symbolize all that we have as far as scarce natural resources that we can provide to the world and potential for development. So what has happened to our sense of responsibility? We began as a country built on the pride of its contents. We were a nation that had within its borders plentiful tropical rain forests, ample indigenous people, and a unified support of both. People have long respected Boliperu for our nobility on maintaining who we are, a country that needed no outside support to remain strong. We were once a representative nation, a symbol, of independence. Surrounding countries would look to us as a catalyst on how to maintain self-sufficiency. Important areas are how we keep corporations from invading our lifestyles and depleting the natural resources that we possess. To put this on a more personal level with us all, do you remember the days of simplicity? Do you remember when the biggest of worries was whether the spring harvest was going to be abundant or inadequate? Our people must now wake up every morning wondering if settlers will be hunting them down for their land or whether they will begin burning our precious rain forests to make way for cattle to graze on land that is ours. Being notorious for efficiency, I am here to allot to you a considerable argument on what we should do about the conflict between our economy and our environment.

We have long survived on our current economy, yet...

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