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"Bolt Claims, 'all My Plays And Films Have A Modern Relevance'. What Do You Think Is The Modern Relevance Of A Man For All Seasons?

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LiteratureA man for all seasons"Bolt claims, 'All my plays and films have a modern relevance'. What do you think is the modern relevance of A Man for All Seasons?Bolt's play portrays a modern relevance. We can compare the two ideals of "A man for all seasons" alongside modern society. People such as rich are identified amongst our modern community, we compare the immoral pragmatic people to such the likes of Politicians, who, will take the easy way out or commit illegal/immoral acts for personal glory. We also see the same ideals in such figures as large companies, or CEO's of the companies looking for profit, at whatever cost. Although, despite all these immoral men or figures, there is some chance for society, such figure heads in modern society relating to moral upright people like Sir Thomas More would be such people as, the pope along with some reverends or clergy of the church, along with the church itself.Bolt's play certainly reflects the views of today's society. We see many pragmatic people, such as Richard Rich, who can see no point of being poor for the freedom, or truth it may bring, or whether it allows you to become a moral and upright person, but rather he would do such things as corruption for materialistic wealth and personal gain. He may eventually succeed in becoming a wealthy man, but in the process of doing so, he pays dearly, not with money, but with his self-worth, his pride. Rich is offered Collector of Revenues of York, only if he could get a confession or conviction out of Moore. "Rich is immoral; he knows what rules he breaks, and he breaks them for a price; in this case, Wales". We can compare this kind of attitude, into modern society, whether we compare it to a large company, politicians, lawyers or any other controversial figures in society. All who operate for a profit, personal/commercial gain and/or materialistic possessions. "Every man has his price."Also still on the pragmatic side of the spectrum is Cromwell, a cynical, scheming, brutal man, who's skill is sensing the weakness of others, and he is presented as the villain in the play. Even though more thinks that if he doesn't not speak out against the king (Henry), hence he will be safe under the law "In silence is my safety under the law" this is not true as Cromwell, who we could associate with in today's society would be such a figure as for example an Credit company, or a bank, appealing to people to buy things which they really cant afford on credit for the banks own personal gain, is arranging More's death for King Henry. Cromwell bribes Rich into acting against More by giving him a position of Collector of Revenue in York, once again if put into modern context would be the AFL/NRL rape allegation scandals where pay outs have...

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