Bolton V Stone. Tort Negligence Essay

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Did this case concern criminal or civil law?This case concerns civil law. Cases arising from civilian disputes, for example, an individual dents his neighbour’s car and refuses to accept any financial responsibility, the neighbour can take said individual to court to claim damages. These are cases not relating to state matters but those of a private, more personal nature and resolved through legal redress i.e. compensations or injunctions.What court was the case heard at?The case was heard at The Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Parliament assembled. The House of Lords, the highest appeal court in England. Judges here are called Law Lords and titles were exclusively hereditarily gained.Name one judge in the case?The late Lord Reid was one of the judges presiding over this case.Outline the meaning of appellant and respondent?An appellant is a person or group of people who appeal a court decision. The respondent is the party against whom the petition or appeal has been brought or the persons who replies. Therefore if the defendant (the accused) did not succeed in his case and appealed, he would no longer be the respondent, instead, becoming the appellant, bringing forth a petition against the decision, causing the original claimant to become the respondent.What particular area of law did it concern?The Law covered in this case is tort, the body of law which provides legal remedies to those who have endured the civil wrongs of others. The Bolton v Stone case is based on the areas of negligence and nuisance. Negligence is an act or conduct that falls below the standard level of due care taken by a reasonable person to prevent an individual from a foreseeable risk of harm. From wikipedia the free encyclopedia, negligence, (2008).Nuisance is an act or acts which cause offence, annoyance, trouble or injury to people exercising their common rights and can be either public or private. Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, nuisance, (2008). Public nuisance concerns excessive interference with the public's right to property including operations that intrude upon public health and safety, peace or convenience.A private nuisance occurs when a persons ‘quiet enjoyment of land’ is significantly disturbed.Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, nuisance (2008)Who won the case and for what reason?The appellant earlier sued Bolton and others for nuisance and negligence at Manchester Assizes, both grounds were dismissed by Oliver, J. At the Court...

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