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Bombers Of World War Ii Essay

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It all started on December 7th, 1941. America had entered their Second World War following the Pearl Harbor attacks. America started its Pacific Campaign against the Imperial Japanese Army. After three years, America joined with fellow allied nations and invaded Nazi- Occupied France codename Operation Overlord. This was the biggest amphibious invasion ever recorded. From Pearl Harbor to the fall of Berlin in the spring of 1945, the American bomber plane helped defeat the Nazi regime, end the war in the Pacific, and revolutionize modern warfare.
Bombers have been around since the start of the 20th century during World War I. However, strategic bombings became more popular and used form World War II on. The bomber plane had evolved since World War I. Many bomber planes that were bi-planes, meaning the plane had two main wings on both sides instead of one. They also used dual engines. The Germans, however, used the zeppelins which were big targets for fighter planes and the design was not continued after the war. Following the bi-planes, the bomber design took great change. In a Unites States Army Air Corp or USAAC competition in 1934, they were looking for a new plane that could provide defense and better qualities than the current service plane, the Keystone bi-plane bomber. (Boeing B-17 Flying) Boeing came up with the design and built the B-17 and won the competition. The plane was not a bi-plane, but a single winged, nine cylinder radial engine plane that could carry a normal cargo storage of 25 tons and could fly a distance of 2 thousand miles. (Boeing B-17 Flying) The plane had been described by a German test pilot who flew a captured B-17 who said “the aircraft was easy to fly and land. When one had become accustomed to the higher all-up weight and the strange instruments, it could be compared with our He 111 in the degree of effort needed to fly it. (Hans Werner Lerche) Also, the B-24 was produced with the B-17, and being produced a lot more than the B-17, the share similar traits. Though these planes were effective, nothing could match the B-29. Being the real first heavy bomber, the B-29 would start production six years after the B-17 won the USAAC competition. The head of Boeing Aircraft Co. on January 29, 1940, received a letter titled "U.S. Army, Airplane, Bombardment, Specification For". (The Boeing B-29) This would start production of the B-29. After thousands of hours of work, the plane took it maiden flight on September 21, 1942. The plane could carry a whopping 70 tons of cargo, the same amount of weight the Enola Gay carried on its way to Japan. It could fly at 400 miles per hour, almost 200 more miles per hour than its predecessor. The plane could also fly 4 thousand miles. (The Boeing B-29) The most famous B-29, the Enola Gay, dropped the bombs on Japan and forced them to raise the white flag and win the war against the Japanese. The plane was flown by Paul Tibblets and Robert Lewis. These planes helped win the...

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