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Bombing Afghanistan Considering the recent military action taken in Afghanistan, its clear that we've made the wrong decision. Innocent people lost their lives the day of the plane crashes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but that does not mean that we have to retaliate with equal destruction. If we are angry about the destruction done in our country by the Taliban, what makes us think that killing innocent people in Afghanistan is okay? I understand that we will not tolerate terrorism, and we want to fight back, but why did we take such a drastic measure as to bombing Afghanistan and declaring war against their country? I know that we are not necessarily at war with the people of Afghanistan, but rather with the Taliban, a group of terrorists who took over Afghanistan in 1997. They took over the country and are now ruining the lives of the Afghan people destroying their, schools, hospitals, and homes. We were just trying to help out by directing our return destruction at the Taliban, and dropping the Afghan people food to eat, but really, I think that these actions not only are sending mixed messages, but we are also killing the innocent. If we want to help them out we are going about it the wrong way. The Afghan people who already live in poverty now have to deal with the destruction done by the United States Government. I disagree with the military action we have taken because we are killing the innocent, further ruining the lives of the Afghan people, and asking for further damage towards our country. As far as killing innocent people, we have done just as much as that as the Taliban has. The only difference was that they did it first. Our action taken to bomb them was in retaliation of the destruction done to us. For President Bush, I'm sure the decision to bomb Afghanistan was not an easy one, but the one he saw fit. The only thing wrong with that is he did not fully see the consequences that came with that decision. Either that or it was just a chance he was willing to take. I am upset that innocent people are dying, and that innocent Afghan people are taking the beating for the damage the Taliban has done. Tamim Ansary, an Afghan- American man, agrees ""¦the Afghan people had nothing to do with this atrocity. They were the first victims of the perpetrators" (Ansary). This man recognizes the agony the Afghan people go through, and how powerful and controlling the Taliban is. "When you think Taliban, think Nazi's. When you think bin Laden, think Hitler. And when you think "˜the people of Afghanistan', think "the Jews in concentration camps" (Ansary). The sad part about all this is that even though the Taliban is the one working and torturing the "Jews", we, the Americans are the ones killing them.By dropping them food we are trying to help them out by giving them one of the many things that the Taliban has taken away. The only thing is, if I was an Afghan person, even though I...

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