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Bombing Of Fort Sumter Essay

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Bombing of Fort Sumter

The event of this paper changes the lives of many people that time and today. This event leads to the great and terrible war that destroys families and a way of life for some people. This is one event change the south for good and for bad. This event started the Civil War.
After Lincoln won the Election of 1860, many of the southern states were thinking about secession from the United States. On twenty of December, 1860 South Carolina secession from the US then six other states followed suit to form the Confederate states of America. When the Confederates States of America form they had many United States building and forts with in the boarders of the Confederacy. President Buchanan tried a peace conference which failed to resolve the crisis and he took the military action being he was afraid that the other slave state would leave the United States.
There were many forts in Charleston Harbor one was Fort Moultrie which was a Revolutionary era fort and which station US Major Robert Anderson of the 1st US artillery regiment. The second Fort was Fort Sumter which only had one person in it as a light house keeper. Fort Sumter was located right in the middle of Charleston Harbor. It was supposed to be on of the strongest forts of it time. Six days after South Carolina secession form the United Sates, US Major Anderson order his men to destroy any guns at Fort Moultrie and left to Fort Sumter after they destroy the guns. Major Anderson transferred forty Rifles to the arsenal in the city.
Governor Francis Pickens order all United States positions to be seized but Fort Sumter. South Carolina state troops moved in and took all but Fort Sumter. They took fifty six guns at Fort Moultrie and the confederates took James Island and Morris Island. The capture of the islands and forts all happen on the twenty-six of December. Then on the twenty seven of December the confederates lead an assault force of one hundred and fifty men on Castle Pinckney and capture twenty four guns and mortars with no resistances from the Union army.
On the thirty of December the Confederates took of the Union Arsenal. The confederates seize twenty-two thousand weapons from the arsenal. The confederates took and made repairs to the weapons that they seize and made a floating battle
Fort Sumter was design to have one hundred and thirty five mounted guns but do to budget cut backs and delays it was ready. By the time April came Major Anderson only had 60 guns set up and ready at his command but Major Anderson did not have enough men to operation them. Fort Sumter was facing out to the ocean not the harbor.
President Lincoln was inaugurated on March 4th and learns that Major Andersons only had six week of food left at Ft. Sumter. The...

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